Books and Articles

Getting at the Gut, A Solution for Treating Bipolar Disorder
by Kim Schuette­‐topics/getting­‐at‐the‐gut/

Nutrition and Mental Development
by Sally Fallon‐topics/nutrition­‐and‐mental‐development/

Gut and Psychology Syndrome
by Natasha Campbell-­‐McBride, MD­‐topics/gut­‐and‐psychology­‐syndrome‐gaps/‐the­‐bacteria­‐in‐your­‐gut‐explain­‐your‐mood.html?_r=0

Metals and the Mind
by Theresa Vernon‐topics/metals‐and‐the‐mind/

Mad as a Hatter
by Kaayla Daniel, PhD.­‐topics/mad‐as‐a‐hatter/

Is is Mental or is it Dental?
By Raymond Silkman, DDS‐healthcare/is‐it‐mental­‐or‐is‐it‐dental/


Gut and Psychology Syndrome
by Natasha Campbell-­‐McBride

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality
by Harold Coulter

Grain Brain
by David Perlmutter, MD

Brain Maker
by Dr. David Perlmutter, MD,
is about the importance of the gut for mental health. Implants of good bacteria have helped to quickly improve mental illnesses.

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