The Amherst-Nashua Area WAPF Chapter


The Amherst-Nashua Chapter offers group meetings to foster community and the exchange of nutrition and health information. 

The chapter supports persons looking for local, unadulterated foods including organic produce, quality whole milk, pasture-fed meats as well as healthful cooking techniques and resources.

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The Next Chapter Meeting -aka- Nourishing Traditions Meeting: 

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 Join us!

Our chapter meetings are informal, informative, free and open to all WAPF Members and  friends.



We are an active WAPF Chapter since 1999!

Previous meetings & topics


  • Aug.5: Ellsworth’s backyard, geodesic dome & organic small farm tour.
  • April 4: general group discussion about nutrition & health.
  • March 2: Herbs for Common Illnesses by Rivka Schwartz: herbalist, wellness coach & environmental educator,
  • Feb 9: fresh snow.  Rescheduled presentation.



  • Oct. 29: autoimmune illnesses, Lyme dis-ease open discussion, post a book talk at Toadstool Bookshop by local Homeopath, Katina Makris.
  • Aug.11: open discussion summer menus, fermented foods, etc.
  • July 18: Pickling: Traditional, Probiotic Methods/Demo by Rivka Schwartz: educator, naturalist, herbalist, & wellness coach
  • June 27, open discussion – healthy teeth, etc.
  • April 26: open discussion local resources, etc.
  • March 24, Health: Strong Bones: Maria Noel Groves, clinical herbalist, educator & author,
  • Feb.22, open discussion of nourishing resources, food techniques and timely topics
  • Jan.28, Homeopathic Cell Salts for Home & Farm by local, Homeopath Tanya Renner, CCH, RSHom(NA), and educator,






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