About Us

The Amherst-Nashua Area Chapter


Our WAPF Chapter meetings are free and open to all like minded people interested in learning more about real, nutrient dense foods that promote optimal health.  Chapter members are not required to be WAPF members.

Chapter meetings happen monthly and our meeting days float.   The chapter meetings, aka Nourishing Traditions (NT) meetings, are interactive, informal discussions about nourishing foods, cooking techniques, health, resources, and more.  We strive to choose meeting topics that are of timely interest to all.

At a Chapter meeting , you can find out about our private email groups and our local resources list.

Our meetings are most often held in the Johnson Room at the Amherst Library  in Amherst, NH.  All our NT meetings are listed in their public “Events” calendar.  (If a potluck dinner is on our meeting agenda then we may meet elsewhere.)

Members and visitors ready to share in Weston A. Price’s nutrition ideas are welcome to attend our meetings.  Join us!

Nourishing wishes,  

Susan, Chapter Leader & Volunteer

Amherst Library,
14 Main Street
Amherst, NH


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