About Us

The Ashland/Washburn/Bayfield Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation was formed to provide a place for members to learn about and access nutrient-rich foods.

We are a group of consumers of local nutrient-rich foods, farmers who grow nutrient-rich foods and health practitioners who recommend these foods. Our meetings reflect the interests of our members with knowledgeable speakers of leading edge subjects. All meetings and potlucks are free. Membership in the Weston A. Price Foundation (westonaprice.org) is encouraged but not required. As our membership grows, we plan to include some of the following group activities;

  • Gatherings with educational speakers and/or hands-on classes to promote healthy home meal preparation and nutrient-rich gardening techniques.
  • Nutrient-rich pot-luck gatherings to meet and learn from other members (and have fun!).
  • Link up hopeful gardeners without land resources with people that have land for them to garden on in exchange for fresh produce.
  • Promote a healthy local food economy and increase local food security.
  • Organize a no-frills, group buying club to purchase nutrient-rich foods.
  • Promote and encourage sustainable, nutrient-rich farming and animal husbandry.

Our chapter home page has a resource list for local whole food sources, and health care practitioners who offer nutrient-rich nutritional therapy. We encourage ideas and local resource recommendations from the community. Please let us know if we missed someone who should be listed. Thank you!

For more information, please contact our chapter leader, Julie Casper.


"Many people find themselves caught in a revolving pattern of decline, moving from illness to illness. Crisis medicine is the order of business. Optimized nutrition can break this cycle of cascading failure. Food that is nutrient-rich is proactive medicine. When the digestion is functioning well and nutrient-rich food is is available to fuel optimum cell function, people remain healthy in spite of the many common threats present today." Julie Casper, L. Ac.

Julie Casper

  • L. Ac. (licensed acupuncturist)
  • hTMA Nutritional Balancing (practitioner/instructor)
  • C.H.E.K. Certified (musculoskeletal analysis/correction)
  • Weston A. Price Foundation (Ashland/Washburn/Bayfield chapter leader)
  • Organic Gardener (using nutrient-rich, mineral balancing protocols)

Julie’s clinic is located in Bayfield, Wisconsin where she offers acupuncture and Chinese herbal clinical therapy. In addition, she provides hTMA nutritional therapy for patients across North America. Julie also is an internationally recognized corrective exercise therapist. And, she educates and trains heath care practitioners in clinical hTMA nutritional therapy through the NutritionalBalancing.org website.

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