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About LaShay and her journey:

In 2005, she discovered a bartholin cyst.  Her first thought went to cancer since it ran in the family.  Her grandmother, who died in 2002, died from stomach cancer.  She was one of 13 siblings and there are 4 siblings left.  All have died from some type of cancer: leukemia, breast, lung, liver, etc.  She thought she was just destined to die from cancer.  Nothing like going to the bathroom and feeling something that shouldn’t be there! She visited her Primary Care Physician (PCP) who explained to her what it was.  The allopathic medicine solution: puncture the cyst, drain it and suture it.  What?!?  Talk about high tailing it out of the office!  After asking friends for second opinions, her journey led her to the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and there she learned about acupuncture and the true benefits of Chinese Medicine.  After two acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs and formulas, the cyst was gone and she really understood the power of alternative medicine and how the body heals itself.  Thus began her redirected journey from a pre-nursing degree to a holistic health degree!

LaShay Canady is a passionate Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Clinician of Whole Food Nutrition (CCWFN) who has been in practice since 2007. Her primary goal is to support the body’s own recuperative efforts.  She draws on several modalities in her practice to assist her clients in achieving optimal health.

Her experience and knowledge include years of reflexology, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, holistic and clinical nutrition, holistic pathophysiology, holistic pathology, homeopathy, and consulting.


  • Knowledge of biochemistry and physiology of functional nutrition
  • Understanding of physiological pathways and how they affect client’s overall health
  • Ability to support and mentor clients and their families in their quest for long-term health
  • Willingness to further educate past the pharmaceutical model and practice true prevention
  • Knowledge and understanding of those foundational issues and their root causes that effect health
  • Commitment to not be satisfied with a single protocol and willingness to change the paradigm of the overall health needs of clients and the community
  • Acknowledge that each client requires a unique healing strategy

LaShay is known for her relaxed and lovingly supportive presence and outstanding interpersonal skills. As a Practitioner, she brings out the best in people with her no-nonsense yet compassionate approach. Through a cutting edge combination of reflexology, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and a comprehensive health and wellness plan, she assists people to create palatable remedies/solutions that selectively support the body in the natural restoration of health by improving nutrition. LaShay has also coached numerous clients in implementing tools for increased health, well-being, and a more natural balanced way of life.

LaShay is an alum of the Metropolitan State University of Denver where she designed her own B.S. degree – Holistic Health & Wellness.  She continued her holistic education with Just For Health School of Reflexology & Healing Arts to become a Certified Reflexologist and Certified Master Herbalist.  She has completed her certification process as a Certified Clinician of Whole Food Nutrition with the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health. She has also attended holistic nutrition classes at the Nutrition Therapy Institute.  She is currently a student seeking her Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, CT through their online platform. She continues to attend crucial seminars, workshops and classes pertaining to chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, digestive health and the relationships to nutritional deficiencies.  She lives in Colorado with her daughter, Sharday.

She started the Aurora, CO WAPF chapter in October 2016.


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