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Come celebrate the return of the Bend Chapter WAPF Food Demo and Potluck Night

Posted on 07/28/13 by nicoletimm No Comments

We are excited to announce the revival of the WAPF Bend Chapter food demonstration and potluck nights.  These will occur every other month throughout the year.  We look forward to sharing ideas, enjoying delicious food, and meeting new friends. Please join us on Monday, August 12th at Central Oregon Locavore at 5:30 p.m. Make your […]

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How Many “Nourishing” Things Have You Tried?

Posted on 04/16/12 by nicoletimm No Comments

If you’re like me, there can be a bit of anxiety venturing into all the nourishing things related to Weston A. Price food.  Once you try something the next time goes much easier, but getting off the ground takes bit of work. How many things from the  following list have you tried? What continued to […]

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