Eggs: with soy and pastured


Cure Organic Farms

Chickens are moved around in outdoor areas where they have access to sunlight and some limited pasture.  Supplemental feed includes non-GMO grain and organic vegetable scraps.
7416 Valmont Road, Boulder

Available at their farm store, 7450 Valmont, near 75th St and Valmont Rd across from the Munson’s Farm Stand; hours Wed-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm.


Jodar Farms

Supplemental feed contains GMO corn, soy and spent grains from local breweries.  See website for additional information on feed.
5100 E County Road 48
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Available at Boulder and Longmont Farmers’ Markets.   They also have meat CSAs.


Long Shadow Farm

Pastured lamb, chicken, ducks, turkey, and eggs.  They have both conventionally-fed and organically-fed animals, so specify which you would like.

Larry and Kristin
101 Bothun Rd
Berthoud, CO  80513
970-232-8424 or 970-232-6667


Vital Farms

Not local, but listed here because they are a source of organic, pastured eggs available in stores.  Eggs come from several small farms in 3 states; hens are outdoors all day with perimeter fencing; feed is organic.
(901) 230-2654

Available at Natural Grocers (aka Vitamin Cottage) stores, and selected Whole Foods stores.


Updated 7/30/2015

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