Pork: GMO-free and pastured

Pastured pork is not 100% raised on pasture, like beef.  A hog’s diet is supplemented with various things, depending on the farm, such as milk, grains, vegetables, etc.  The flavor of the pork will be influenced by what the hogs are fed.  Individual cuts can be purchased, though buying by the half or whole hog is more economical.  Bulk purchased may be limited to certain times of the year, namely late summer/autumn.

This list is provided as a resource; users are encouraged to ask the farmers about the diet and care of their animals.


Buffalo Peak Ranch

Purchase individual cuts, or ½ or whole hog.  Butcher (Jensens) does not use nitrates or MSG.  Rendered lard and broth available.

Neil and Teresa Fischer

Available at Denver WAPF Chapter Meetings and other sites through the Farm 2 Table Trading Post.


Colorado Sustainable Farms

“Beyond Organic” sustainability according to practices of Natural Animal Husbandry.  Pigs rotated on pasture and fed GMO-free, soy-free supplemental grains.  (This farm also sells beef and poultry.)

Casey Cook
15050 Kanuch Road
Calhan CO 80808
(719) 661-4562


Cure Organic Farms

Berkshire and Mangalitza hogs available in individual cuts.  Fed non-GMO feed–with soy–and organic vegetables.  Bacon is fresh, not cured.  Also sells lardo from Mangalitza pigs.  This is the only place to find local lardo, which is the tasty Italian seasoned and cured pork fat made by Il Mondo Vecchio in Denver.

7416 Valmont Road, Boulder

Available at 7450 Valmont Road at 75th St and Valmont Rd across from the Munson’s Farm Stand; Wed-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm.


Donoma Farm

Organically and biodynamically grown beef, pork, chicken, ducks, and eggs.  Purchase through a CSA account and pick up at a Boulder site bi-monthly.

Farmer Justin
10018 Weld CR 110
Carr CO 80612
(303) 408-3464
E-Mail: justin@donomafarms.com


Ebert Family Farm

Hampshire-Duroc cross hogs.  Butcher uses nitrates in bacon and hams, so order bacon and hams fresh if you don’t want nitrates.  Half or whole hog available to both shareholders and non-shareholders.

Kres and Julie Ebert
10800 Horrogate Road
PO Box 208
Byers, Colorado 80103
(303) 822-5544


Harvest Acres

Pork is pastured, soy- and corn-free, and milk-fed (plus organic grains and vegetable scraps).  Animals are raised naturally, following humane animal treatment guidelines.  Meats are processed at USDA approved plants that practice humane animal treatment.

Bennett, CO 80102
ph: 303 644-5113


Kretsinger Farms (KW Farms)

Out of Alamosa, deliveries made to Boulder every other month. Pastured pork, pastured lamb, and grass-fed beef.

John & Trudi Kretsinger
7725 Rd. 1 S.
Alamosa, CO 81101
(719) 589-0429


Larga Vista Ranch

Breeds: Tamworth (Heritage Irish grazing breed) crossed with Duroc and Hampshire (½ Tamworth, ¼  Duroc and ¼ Hampshire).

Doug and Kim Wiley
53505 Olson Road
Boone, Colorado 81025
(719) 947-0982

Available at their farm store or southern Colorado Springs meeting place (see website for details).  Contact the farmers for other possible drop-sites.


Plowshares Community Farm

Hogs are pastured and fed organic (GMO-free) feed WITH corn and soy.

Eva Teague
8104 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO  80503

Available at Boulder Farmers Market Saturdays; Winter at the farm Wednesdays 4-6pm; Summer at Plowshares Farm Stand, 8040 Oxford Rd. Longmont, CO.


Updated 6/13/2017

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