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Welcome to the website for the Clark County, WA chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

*If this is your first time here, check out our ‘About Us‘ page.*

There is an organic tea plantation in Ridgefield!!!  The owner is giving FREE brewing, processing, and blending classes in three local libraries in January.  See full dates and details here.  I have also added the farm to the Local Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbs page (I bought some of her tea, it is wonderful!).  She plans to start doing farm tours this summer; if I can get enough interest I will arrange a private tour for one of our meeting days.

New raw cow milk at Chuck’s!  From Williams Valley Family Farm in Clayton, WA.  A-2 Jersey milk.

Meetings are on hold for now.  Happy Holidays, see you in the new year!

NO 1st of the Month Wednesday meeting this month!  Because: I just found out that Slow Food SW Washington has their monthly meetings on the 1st Wednesday of the month at the same time!  I really want to check out what this organization is doing, as it sounds like their values are in line with ours.  Maybe we could plan some joint activities!  I am going to be checking out their meeting this Wednesday.  Feel free to join me, here are the details

TWO options this Saturday (in lieu of our regular meeting):

I have heard your requests; we are having a potluck!  Join us next Wednesday, September 6th, and bring something to share.  I’m bringing deviled turkey eggs 🙂  See meeting page for more details.

Met lots of great people at the Natural Grocers anniversary event today!!!

For this Saturday’s ‘meeting’ (August 19th), we will be heading to the Heirloom Tomato & Garlic Festival at Northwest Organic Farms (running from 10am to 6pm) flyer

Wednesday’s meeting was awesome, I am all charged up!  We laid out a two meeting a month format so there could be two day/time options.  See meeting page for more details.  We decided to kick off our first Saturday morning meeting with a farm tour!  Stay tuned for more details.

We’re getting the band back together on August 2nd!  First chapter meeting in…3-4 years?  I can’t wait to reconnect!  See meeting page for more details.

Summer classes going on at The Heritage Farm (1919 NE 78th St, Vancouver):
8 Class Food Preservation Series
Go to 1 or go to all – FLYER
How to Preserve Wild Game
1 class only!  July 19th – FLYER

Two events going on this weekend:
Home & Garden Idea Fair @ Clark County Event Center (Friday-Sunday)
I went to this last year and enjoyed it.  One building is plant sales, the other is interesting stuff like hydroponics, solar panels, etc.
website            showguide
Country Life Fair @ Pomeroy Farm (Saturday & Sunday)
I haven’t been to this one before, but am excited to go, it sounds great!

Pride and Joy raw milk is back at Chuck’s!!!  Thanks everyone who showed your support!

Pride and Joy Dairy is under attack!!  We need to take action!  I started a separate page just for this cause.

Another new Raw Goat Milk at Chuck’s!  Lucky Hook Farm was referred to me by the owner of Dobler Hill Dairy when he closed up.  I reached out to them up in Moses Lake and after figuring out how to add SouthWest Washington to their delivery schedule, here they are!  And they are also 100% grassfed!  I have added more details on our ‘Dairy‘ page.

New Raw Goat Milk at Chuck’s!  It is carrying a hefty price, $12.89 per half gallon, probably because it is coming all the way from Snohomish, WA!  But here is the big deal: they are the only goat dairy I have found that feeds no grain!  The diet consists of organically managed grass/clover, unsprayed hay, alfalfa pellets, and brush.  The goats are a breed from Switzerland called Oberhasli, which are supposed to be known for producing a sweet, not goaty milk.  I thought it may have been slightly more goaty than the Nubian I am used to but my husband didn’t notice a difference.  I have added more details on our ‘Dairy‘ page.

Dobler Hill Dairy is no more.  Many of us LOVED this milk.  Whenever I wasn’t milking my sheep, this was my go-to milk.  I was even introduced to it through a Clark County WAPF chapter meeting.  Rest assured the dairy was not closed due to health or management issues; it was a personal, family decision.  The goats were sold to a farm in Fresno, California.  I am currently on the hunt for other sources of raw goat milk.

The farm tour was awesome today!!  Thank you all brave farmers and tourists for making the most of the liquid sunshine!
Some information throughout the website has been updated based on my visits today.  A new discovery was added under ‘Local Meat & Eggs;’ welcome Greene Jungle Farm!

Farm Tour this Saturday!!!  Flyer Link
This is part of the Washington State University Clark County Extension Office’s 18th annual Harvest Celebration Day.  I will be checking out as many as I can, it should be a fun day and it looks like we should have perfect weather.
Here is a google map of all the farms: Map

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