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Pride and Joy Dairy is under attack!!  My favorite raw cow milk dairy is under attack from Big Dairy and the WSDA (the Washington State Department of Agriculture).  I have visited this dairy in Granger, WA and it is amazing.  You may have noticed the disappearance of Pride & Joy milk from the shelves at Chuck’s.

Here is an article explaining the situation on pages 26-28:

We need to take action!

Here is what one of our own Clark County WAPF members who spoke with the dairy owners had to say:
“Hello Clark County Weston A Price Foundation chapter.  I am asking for everyone’s help with getting my favorite Real, Raw Grass-fed Dairy Farm up and running!  Pride and Joy Dairy has been under attack from WSDA on supposedly tainted milk, but all of the tests that Pride and Joy has turned in to two different labs have been great.  The WSDA gave the farm a long list of things they need to do in order for the WSDA to come back and retest.  I do not believe the farm was in a fault to begin with.  This farm has been in business for 40 years and we have visited the farm also.  They are a very clean operation!  Our family of 7 has been drinking their milk for the past 5 years at about a gallon a day.  This milk has greatly improved our health and we miss it very much!  We contacted Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and he said the best thing to do is contact our state representatives, as they are the only ones the WSDA will listen to.”

Here are your Clark County Representatives, let’s get talking! (Click the picture to enlarge.)

*Liz Pike grew up on a dairy farm!

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