Healing Arts Practitioners

Photo: Amy Erez

Photo: Amy Erez


Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA, LEED AP

Licensed Architect

Practice Area:    With over 28 years of professional experience and a personal story of recovery from toxin exposure, Cheryl specializes in construction and design strategies to manage moisture, prevent water damage and discover and/or avoiding mold and toxin exposure that can impact health.  Services include peer consulting with architects, engineers, remediators and other professionals, in addition to consulting with building owners directly regarding new construction, remodeling, restoration or remediation projects.  Resources and information available includes the topics of source determination, toxin testing, remediation and avoidance strategies, along with non-toxic solutions.


Contact Info: Cheryl@avoidingmold.com; 708.354.3480

Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WaterDamageMold/

WAPF Podcast:  http://wisetraditions.libsyn.com/49-avoiding-mold?tdest_id=349928


Kim Dixon, Psy.D.

License # 21999PSY

Practice Area:  I have a psychology practice in San Ramon.  There is a quickly growing body of research indicating that what we eat directly affects both our physical and mental health. I am a member of Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, and organization dedicated to finding holistic medicine practices to understand and resolve mental health disorders.

Location:  San Ramon


Contact Info: dr.kimdixon@gmail.com; 925.864.5018


Amy Erez, B.A Psychology/Oriental Studies

Reiki Master, Movement Specialist

Practice Area: I assist people in learning how to live in sync with nature and create a lifestyle that supports personal and planetary healing. My tools are Reiki, Acupressure, Tai Chi, SugiTouch, Flower Essence Therapy and Family Constellations.

Location:  Pleasant Hill


Contact Info:  925.934.3120, amy@SugiHealth.com


Kay Hogan, M.Ed.

Practice Area:  Certified Hellerworker, Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, Bodyworker (Structural Integration: Hellerwork), Movement Expert (Alexander Technique Teacher), Natural Vision Educator

Location:  Contra Costa County


Contact Info:  925-676-3696; kayhogan@kayhogan.co


Liz Menkes, EMF Consultant

Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)

Location:  San Francisco Bay area


Contact Info:  925-937-1754


Myra Nissen, CCH RSHom(NA)

Certified Homeopath

Practice Area:  Homeopathy, Homeoprophylaxis, CEASE-Therapy, Nutritional Counseling (ALCAT & metabolic balanceⓇ).

Location:  43 Quail Court Office Park, Suite 102, Walnut Creek, CA


Contact Info: 925.826.3858


Tosha Walper, CMT

Practice Area: Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, European Style Manual Osteopathy

Location:  Lafayette, CA and Berkeley, CA


Contact Info:  510-207-6519

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