Chris & Jennifer Webster
Providence Farms
Edmond, OK
(405) 240-2626
Provide raw goat and cow milk and fresh eggs. All cows and goats are grass-fed and the chickens receive non-genetically modified grass feed. Also provide heirloom vegetables.

Paul & Shari Morrison
Real Ranch, LLC
11714 CR 1690
Roff, OK 74865
(580) 777-4799
Raise beef, lamb and pastured poultry, also have non-GMO eggs. Our animals are raised from birth to market right here on our ranch with no antibiotics, no growth hormones and no grain. We are American Grass-fed Certified and Global Animal Partnership Certified. Paul attended Holistic Resource Management with Allen Savory in 1985 and we have been implementing those practices ever since in California and Oklahoma.

Erin Parman
Redbird Ranch Fare
18898 S. Old Hwy 2
Warner, OK 74469
(918) 463-5181
We have been chemical-free for 15 years. The farm is managed using holistic principles, and all the animals are handled using low stress methods. Pastured broilers are available in the spring, summer, and fall. Eggs are available throughout the year, with a limited supply in the winter. Beef is harvested in the early fall and is available as whole, halves, and quarters.

Larry Ressler
Ressler Farms
2325 N. Post Road
Arcadia, OK 73007
(405) 640-2722
Pasture raised, grass-fed beef, poultry and eggs raised using humane and sustainable production models.

Vicki & Don Rose
Rose Ranch
11813 W. Hefner Road
Jones, OK 73049
(405) 399-2820
Hormone-free, grass-fed beef. Our cattle are raised the way nature intended. “Let them eat grass!” Rose Ranch Rhode Island Reds. Eggs lovingly laid by the happiest hens in Jones, America!

Shannon Roy
18601 Sorghum Mill Road
Luther, OK 73054
(405) 517-8608
Eggs, meat chickens and pork. Pasture-raised chickens and pork, Non-GMO, soy-free eggs.

Ron & Barbara Crain
Wagon Creek Creamery
Rt. 1, Box 124
Helena, OK 73741
(580) 496-2447
We have been producing high-quality grass-fed dairy products since 2006. Our products are made entirely from milk produced by cows here on our farm. We have eggs from pasture-raised poultry, grass-fed beef, and pasture-raised veal.

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