Local Resources in the Enumclaw area

Raw milk and cheese

Meadowwood LLC  Raw cow’s milk and cream. Cow shares or retail as available



Meadowwood LLC   Pasture-raised chicken eggs and duck eggs on certified organic feed

Ode to Joy Farm Pasture-raised chicken eggs and duck eggs using Scratch and Peck soy free certified organic feed



Farmer’s Markets and Natural Food Stores

Marlene’s Market in Federal Way

Maple Valley Farmer’s Market


Organic Vegetables and Fruits, CSA

Wild Hare Organic Farm.   CSA and Farmstore

Take Root Farm  CSA in Buckley


Pasture-raised Meats and Poultry

Acres in Zion Grass-fed Beef

Hubble Cattle Company  wehubble@yahoo.com  Grass-fed beef, heritage breed chickens

Meadowwood LLC  Pasture-raised pork, chicken, turkey fed certified organic feeds. Grass fed and finished beef.

Ode to Joy Farm  Pasture-raised poultry fed soy-free certified organic feed from Scratch and Peck Feeds

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