Local Food Sources

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Please fill out this form and then let us know you did so by getting in touch with us. Once you tell us that you’ve filled out the form, we can add you. Thanks!

NOTE:  The form at that link is geared toward farmers, so if you’re not a farmer, please just fill out as much as possible that applies to the local food you offer.

Know your farmer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how they raise your food.

Listed below are farms/food producers who have filled out our information form.

*PLEASE NOTE that showing up in this list only means that they have filled out the form so you can find out more about how they operate.  It does not mean that Nourishing Ways of West Michigan or the Weston A. Price Foundation recommends them.  We are unable to visit every farm or monitor their business/farming practices, so we encourage you to use what you read here to get to know your farmers and food producers better, and be sure to visit them and ask questions, too!

From the WAPF:  

The Weston A. Price Foundation does not endorse, certify, or inspect food producers or their facilities, or verify the information they provide.  Producers are listed for the convenience of consumers, who should exercise their own judgment as to whether to purchase or consume products from listed producers.

The Weston A. Price Foundation provides lists of producers and guidelines for the purpose of supporting consumer rights to ensure the continued supply of real food products for those who choose them.

More local resources: