Local Medical or Dental Providers Who May be Open to WAPF Principles

This is a new that page we wanted to share with you because we get questions about this often…


We are not recommending that you visit these providers, we are just giving you information from various sources that they MAY be more open to WAPF or holistic principles; you’ll have to research it more for yourself to see if they are right for you and for your own medical or dental issues.


Note:  Some recommend that what works well is to consult with your chosen Naturopath on nutrition, uncovering root causes, prevention, etc., and then utilize a more holistic medical doctor for insurance reasons, medical exams, and meds (if needed).

You should be clear when working with these medical doctor’s and let them know that you are already working with someone on wellness, nutrition and healing, and that you just need someone to adjust meds, for insurance reasons, full exams, tests, etc…  Sometimes the holistic medical doctors try to recruit clients on fully, which is fine if that’s what the patient wants.

1.  Natural Health Improvement Center: Dr. Auburn Ann, D.O.:

4466 Heritage Ct SW, Grandville, MI 49418
(616) 301-0808
Visit their webpage here.

2.  The medical docs at Holistic Care Approach:

3368 Beltline Ct, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
(616) 361-9221
Visit their webpage here.

If you know of more we could add to this list, please let us know:  info@NourishingWays.org


Do you know of anyone we could add to this list?  If so, email us: info@NourishingWays.org

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