Local Sources of Bones for Stock

Beef Bones

Whole Foods – Grass Finished Beef Bones for $4.99/lb. You ask for Soup Bones at the meat counter. They also, often have oxtail and that makes a great stock. They run about $7/lb.

Millers buying club – Beef Knuckle Bones $2.50/lb, Beef Bones (no meat) $1.50/lb, Beef Soup Bones with meat and marrow $8.75/lb

SeaBreeze – Grassfed Beef Soup Bones $3LB, Grassfed Beef (shanks) Soup Bones w/meat on $5.50LB, Grassfed Beef Hocks this gives you gelatin for your soup broth $3.50LB


Chicken an other Poultry

SeaBreeze– Chicken Backs for Soup $2.50 LB, Chicken Necks 3.95 bag, Chicken Head and Feet $3.95 BAG,  Turkey Soup Bones $1.75LB, Whole Chicken $3.99 LB 3 1/2 LBS UP

BM Organics – Whole pastured chicken $4.50/lb, Pastured Chicken Heads/Feet $5/bag

Millers Buying Club – Whole chickens for stock $3.50/lb, Chicken necks and backs $3.75/lb, Chicken heads $2.00/lb






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