About Us

My name is Teresa K. Penhall.  I am the Klamath Falls Chapter Leader for THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION.  My husband John and I raise Beyond Organic Angus Beef, Beyond Organic Pastured Suffox/Hamp cross Lamb,  Herferd cross Beyond Organic pastured Pork,  Also Critically endangered Java Chickens.

We have monthly meetings the second Tuesday of each month.  We had a potluck in July and watched the Farmageddon Movie.  I don’t have an official WESTON A.PRICE membership group.  Mostly a group of women who are practicing the principles and doing their best to feed their families local.

I teach classes on Lacto-Fermentation.  Making products with Raw Organic Jersey Cow Milk.  Rendering Lard and Tallow from Beef and Pork fat,  Making Bone Broths.  sprouting grains nuts and seeds.

We are also raising for sale Pure Bred Jersey Type 2 Beyond Organic Babies if you would like to have your own farm fresh Raw Milk.

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