Local Food Resource List – WAPF – Lafayette Chapter


Eggs, Poultry

Gotreaux Family Farm, gofarms@afo.net, Scott, LA.  337-873-0383

Market Basket Youngsville, cthomp47@bellsouth.net, Youngsville, LA.  337-856-4296

Sandra’s Health Food Store, Rena Drive, Lafayette, LA.



Gotreaux Family Farms, gofarms@afo.net, Scott, LA. 337-873-0382

Market Basket Youngsville, cthomp47@bellsouth.net, Youngsville, LA.  337-856-4296

Mark and Mary City Farms,  at the Saturday Farmers Market in the Oil Center

Freetown Farmers Market – on corner of Vermilion and Johnston Streets – Wednesdays 2-6 and Saturdays 10-2


Artisan Foods – local-seasonal-organic lactofermented beverages, condiments and veges

Rosanna Czarnecki, rosannaczarnecki@msn.com, Lafayette, LA. 337-988-2427


Pure Honey

Bayou Country, Duson, LA.  2318 Ridge Road, 337-873-8452

Santa Rita Honey Bee Farm – at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays


Grassfed-pastured beef

Brookshire Farms – Abbeville, LA.     www.brookshirefarm.com  Their meat is grass fed and grass finished

Danny Ayo, Maurice, LA.  337-893-0988

Stuart Gardner, Sunset, LA.   www.gardnerranch.net    he doesn’t use any pesticides on the grass being fed the cattle.  His cattle are hormone free.   You can also purchase some of his products at Sandra’s Health Food Store

U.S.Wellness Meats – Out of Missouri – all grass fed products – www.grasslandbeef.com


Milk – pasteurized

www.rawmilkinstitute.org  founder, Mark McAfee – a good organization to become familiar with if you are interested in the possibility of being able to buy raw milk in the future in the State of Louisiana.  It is presently illegal

Smith Creamery, LA. – can be found at Fresh Pickins in Lafayette.  Smith Creamery is listed in the WAPF Shopping Guide under “good”.  The milk is pasteurized, but not homogenized so it therefore has some cream and fat in it

Fish – Tilapia

Gotreaux Family Farm – gofarms@afo.net, Scott, LA. 337-873-0382


Farmer’s Market

Oil Center, Lafayette, LA. every Saturday, rain or shine, from 8:00 a.m. til 12:00 noon.  Many of our local farmers attend with their locally grown produce, many of them organic

Baton Rouge – www.redstickfarmersmarket.org  They have a market every Saturday and several days during the week at different locations.  Check out their website if you are interested.

Other Health resources

www.realfoodfreaks.com – food and recipes

(Resources continued)


www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com – recipes, videos, instructions about Traditional Foods

www.tropicaltraditions.com – organic coconut oil and other products

www.greenpasture.org – fermented cod liver oil and other products

www.iaomt.og – International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology   We have 2 dentists in our area that practice holistic dentistry.  Dr. Michael Leblanc in Thibodeaux, LA.  (985-446-1917) and Dr. Kurt LeJeune in Baton Rouge, LA. (225-248-8400).  I have used Dr. Leblanc and was very impressed with him and his staff.  I would happy to talk about this with anyone interested.    It is important to use a holistic dentist with proper credentials to remove any amalgams.

www.culturesforhealth.com  – order yogurt starter, kefir starter, sourdough starter, etc.


Be sure to order your 2012 Shopping Guide from Weston A. Price Foundation.  If you are already a member, you received one in the mail.  It gives you the Best and Good places to shop for everything from cheese, snack foods, poultry, meats, etc.  A great asset to carry around with you.  You can order them on the WAPF website   www.westonaprice.org


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