(See bottom of page for explanation of terminology.)

Brookfront Farms – Certified organic. BEEF:  Black Angus, pastured, closed system, purchase by 1/4 , 1/2 , or whole cow, 20 lb packages, or some individual cuts, such as beef sausage. DUCK: Muscovy, pastured and soy-free.  Also spelt (whole or freshly milled), and jams. Pickup by appointment.  farm[at]

Dancey Family Farm (Chris & Wil Dancey) – Organic practices, not certified.  BEEF: Angus beef, pastured, managed grazing, no grains.  DUCKS:  Pekin ducks, pastured around large pond, certified organic starter feed contains soy, but once on pasture ducks are fed homegrown organic oats and can forage in the pond. PORK: Berkshire pigs, pastured, no corn, no soy, supplemental feed of soaked/sprouted homegrown barley and field peas. LAMB: Katahdin sheep, pastured, managed grazing, no grains, lamb available in fall. Bundles of mixed meats and cuts (beef, pork, duck and lamb) available through MEAT CSA.  dancey(at)  (519) 773-5273

Echo Valley Ranch (Brad Martin) –  BEEF:  Pastured, grass-fed, grain-free, closed system, sold in packages or by 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow, and some individual cuts. CHICKEN:  Pastured, supplemented with organic feed (contains soy). Delivery on bulk orders. Drop-off sites in London and Stratford. Pastured PORK and LAMB available, but not produced at Echo Valley Ranch. Moorefield, Ontario  (519) 638-5951  bdmartin[at]

Gainford Forest Farm (Ian Edgar, Jocelyn Bullen-Edgar) – LAMB:  pastured Apr to Nov, ewes pastured year round, managed grazing, no soy, ewes receive grain during breeding season. Young lamb available through pre-order. Lambs butchered in Oct & Nov.  46405 Barnams Gully Line, Sparta, Ontario  (519) 775-9930,[at]

Hack Farm (Elke Hack) – Organic, bio-dynamic.  Whole grain bread of spelt and rye baked fresh every other week. Whole grain rye or spelt and flax seed also available to purchase in bulk.  Call Elke for baking schedule. Pick up at the farm.  R.R. #5, Kincardine, Ontario.  519-396-8099

Hoover’s Maple Syrup (Diane & Terry Hoover) – MAPLE SYRUP, organic, medium and dark grade, glass bottles, tins, or plastic containers. Maple sugar.  Tours available in spring.  R.R.#1, Atwood, ON (519) 356-2132

Little Fields Farm (Claire Poulton) – Organic practices, not certified.  EGGS & POULTRY:  Free range and pastured chickens and turkeys. Non GMO supplemental feed for layers (contains some corn and soy).  Organic supplemental feed for meat birds (contains corn and soy). Produce and graded eggs available through Little Fields’ CSA or  at Farmers’ Markets:  Thursdays from 8am-2pm at Covent Garden and Saturdays from 8am-12pm at the Horton Market in St. Thomas. Poultry by pre-order. Chicken pickup at the farm. Turkeys delivered before Thanksgiving.  Claireapoulton[at]   (226) 927-4440

McSmith’s Organic Farm (Gary & Kathy) – Organic practices, not certified.  PORK: Outdoor pens, open system, organic corn & soy feed. BEEF: Pastured, closed system. CHICKEN/EGGS:  Pastured, managed grazing, closed system, supplemented with organic grain, soy and salad greens. Also available: honey, seasonal vegetables, salad greens, heritage seedlings, and cut flowers. Farm store open Saturdays 10-2 pm during growing season. 42828 Shorlea Line, RR #6 St. Thomas, Ontario  (519) 631-0279  mcsmith[at]

Naturnah-Farms (Sylvia & Paul Bennewies) – Organic practices, not certified. Farm sales, by appointment or by chance.  BEEF:  Red Angus or mini-Hereford/Scottish Highland cross, open system, pastured, grass-fed. Sold by individual cut.  EGGS & POULTRY: Pastured, free range, open system. Supplemental scratch grains and layer feed (contains some soy). Freshly butchered hens available in September. Eggs available at the farm or at Ogilvie’s Market.   41673 Squire’s Road, R.R.#1, Granton, Ontario  (519) 229-8556 (NOTE: If using GPS, use Woodham instead of Granton.)

Orchard Hill Farm (Ken & Martha Laing) – CSA program of local FRUIT and VEGETABLES through share purchase (summer share or fall shares). Working shares available. Weekly farm pickup Tuesday or Saturday, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. WHEAT & SPELT grown on farm and freshly milled. Land primarily worked by draft horses.  45415 Fruit Ridge Line, RR 5, St. Thomas, Ontario  (519) 775-2670  kmlaing[at]

Riveracres Farm (Nathan & Rosie Kuepfer) – PORK: Pastured from May to October, open system, supplemented with organic  barley, oats, eggs.  BEEF: pastured year round, closed system.  LAMB: pastured year round, closed system.  CHICKEN/EGGS:  Pastured spring to fall, open system, organic supplemental feed (contains soy). Eggs available at the farm. Meat chicken available mid to late summer. Beef, pork, lamb available in the fall in sampler boxes or by whole, side, or quarter animal, in various cuts. Delivery available on large orders.  1945 Chalmers Forest Rd Millbank, Ontario  (519) 500-5168   info[at]

Saunders Family Farm (Harold Saunders) – Certified organic land and crops (30 yrs). Meat & eggs uncertified. PORK: outdoor pens, open system, grain and soy organic feed.  BEEF: pastured, organic grain, closed system.  LAMB: pastured (except in extreme summer heat). CHICKEN:  Supplemented with organic grain (contains soy).  DUCKS available. Some transplant seedlings and walnuts. Farm Shop open Monday to Saturday, by appointment or by chance. R.R. #2, Denfield, Ontario (519) 666-0705   saunders[at]

Slater’s – (Ann Slater) – VEGETABLES:  in season, ie spinach, greens, squash, beans, peas, tomatoes.  Available at St. Mary’s Farmers Market or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  157030 15th Line Zorra Twp, R.R. #1, Lakeside, Ontario  (519) 349-2448

Sunholm Farms (Pam and Grant Martin) – Certified organic. PORK: Pastured from April till fall, open system, supplemental feed oats, triticale, milk, grain, corn, minerals. BEEF: Pastured April till fall, closed system, feed is grass pasture, hay, kelp with some grain and soy in winter. VEAL also available. LAMB: Pastured April till fall, open system, grass pasture, hay, kelp, some grain and soy in winter. CHICKEN: Outdoor grazing April to fall, open system, supplemental feed of milk, oats, triticale, soy, kelp, corn.  Delivery to Guelph, K-W, Cambridge, Stratford, Ottawa, London. Email for regular delivery dates. Special delivery available on orders over $200. Price list on website. Pre-order required for chicken and turkeys. Harmony organic cheese also available. 44522 Brandon Road, R.R. # 1, Ethel, Ontario  (519) 887-8020  gpmartin[at]

Sunnivue Organic Farm (R.O.S.E. Land Care Assoc.) – PORK: Pastured from May to October, supplemented with organic oats, open system.  BEEF: Pastured May to October, no supplemental feed, closed system.  CHICKEN: Outdoor grazing May to October, supplemented with organic grains (contains soy).   TURKEY: available by pre-order.  WATER BUFFALO:  meat and cheese available. VEGETABLES (in season). Fresh baked BREAD.  Farm store open Fridays and Saturdays, 9-5, April to Christmas. Weekly Wednesday delivery to London, January to June.  Ailsa Craig, Ontario  (519) 232-9096   sunnivue-farm[at]

Three Ridges Ecological Farm (Drake Larsen & Sarah Hargreaves) – 48211 Sparta Line, Aylmer.  Utilizing ecological & permaculture practices.  EGGS & POULTRY: Free range and pastured chickens and ducks. Supplemental feed is a diverse mixed grain from “in transition to organic” farm, some soy, non GMO.   PORK: Closed system. Pastured at forest edge. Supplemental feed of diverse mixed grain, sprouted grains and Jersey milk. Sold in 30 lb bundles, various cuts.  FARM SALES, preferably by appointment. Also drop-offs at The New New Age, Port Stanley and Booch Organic Kombucha, London. Like them on Facebook and watch for pop-ups advising when meat is available.  farm[at]

Wisnoski Family Farm (Angela & Daniel Wisnoski) – PORK: Pastured May to Nov, supplemented with organic oats, peas, barley, milk, vegetable compost, closed system. Available by side or whole animal, or individual cuts (hot dogs, kolbassa, bologna, etc). BEEF: Pastured, closed system.  Available to purchase in individual cuts (roasts, steaks, etc) or as ¼, ½ side of beef. Also has nitrate free hot dogs, kolbassa, bologna, etc.  DUCKS:  pastured & soy-free.  Phone/email for list of other health foods available (nuts, yogurt, chicken, flour, etc.) that have not been raised on the farm.Weekly delivery to London, Lucan and Exeter. 3194 Elmtree Drive, R.R. #5, Parkhill, Ontario (519) 232-9150 angelawisnoski[at]

Wardcrest Farm (Robert & Eleanor Ward) – BEEF: Pastured, managed grazing, closed system, all cuts available or bulk orders (1/4, 1/2, whole animal). No Saturday sales.  43565 Roberts Line,  Union, ON  519-782-4347


Pastured = Animals allowed to graze on pasture, weather permitting. In Canada, this typically means late spring until fall.

Managed grazing = Animals are rotated from area to area to ensure fresh feed.

Outdoor pens = Animals are penned outdoors (Vitamin D exposure), but are not pastured.

Closed System = Young animals, such as new chicks, calves, piglets, are born from the farm’s existing stock. Usually applies to organic farms who raise new animals from existing stock in order to ensure the new animals are organic.

Open system = Young animals are purchased from outside farms, and are then raised on the farm in question. Chickens are usually purchased as “day olds” and are considered neutral by organic standards. Calves and piglets are typically 4 weeks when purchased.



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