Food Standards Agency Attempt Further Restrictions On The Sale of Raw Milk – Act Now!

Posted on February 1, 2014 by WAPF London
The British government’s Food Standards Agency will recommend in a consultation document, that the sale of raw milk in outlets, including vending machines or dispensers in shops, should remain illegal.

Whilst farmers are to be allowed to continue selling raw milk at markets, from their own farms, and over the internet, the FSA will be attempting to continue the move for tighter restrictions on the sale of unpasteurised milk.

After threatening Sussex farmer, Stephen Hook,  in December 2011 with legal action for selling raw milk from his farm in Hailsham at a branch of Selfridges to consumers enjoyining the health benefits provided, the FSA has since begun a three-month consultation.

In a review which will apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland (as raw milk is already banned in Scotland), it will include the option to make all milk pasteurised before it goes on sale, therefore completely banning raw milk.

Philip Ridley, Festival Director, Weston A. Price Foundation European Conference:

Britain’s Food Standards Agency have launched a review of raw milk legislation. As anticipated, an outright ban is not on the table, but further restrictions are proposed that will cause cumulative harm and may lead to further restrictions later if not resisted.

The FSA are seeking to harmonise bovine raw milk regulations with those of other species. This means that they are proposing an outright ban on the retail of non-bovine milk. This will specifically effect Ellie’s Dairy whose frozen grass-fed raw milk is available across Britain in health food stores. A number of other stalls presently retail raw goat milk.

Despite raw milk vending machines being used across Europe without incident and with very high, automated hygiene standards, they are seeking to ban and provide tougher restrictions on it’s retail. Yet it is, and has been, available in many European countries including Germany, where regulated raw milk sales have continued to this day since the 1930’s.

It is especially worthy of note that there has not been any outbreak associated with raw milk in Britain for decades, and that the FSA themselves have accepted that there is no evidence of any risk as a result.

Please CLICK HERE the link below to provide your comments by 30th April 2014.

But more importantly contact your MP, because the proposed changes will likely require legislation that may go before Parliament, noting the lack of consistency with the Coalition’s aim to cut red tape and encourage economic growth. 

Raw Milk, Quality & Health, Prof. Ton Baars:

2012 Raw Milk, Prof. Ton Baars from Wise Traditions London on Vimeo.

Prof. Ton Baars is speaking at our next conference about the benefits and disctions of raw milk. Above is the video of his talk from our conference in 2012 about raw milk quality and health, with an introduction from Sally Fallon Morell about the importance of raw milk to the small family farm.

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