If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, please read our brochure
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The Weston A. Price Foundation campaigns for wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts. Visit our website for an extensive number of articles on health topics. Also, join the Foundation to receive the quarterly Wise Traditions Journal. There will be a WAPF stall where you can browse the Foundation’s literature and find out about local chapters.

Green Pasture produce the fermented cod liver oil and raw butter oil described by Dr Price as the top sacred foods. These can be purchased in the UK at Red23.co.uk . Click Here for information on our website about the benefits of cod liver and butter oil and also, visit the Green Pasture website for information about the products. David Wetzel, owner of Green Pasture will be manning the stall and be providing samples of the various flavors. He will also speak on stage.

Seagreens is providing 20% of their products during the conference. Through their pioneering activities in Scotland and Norway, Seagreens has become Europe’s leading organic wild seaweed food brand, with its focus on the nutritional value of the seaweed. They produce a range of products for consumers and practitioners that are easy to use in the daily diet whether for culinary appeal, preventative health, therapeutic use, for bodycare or for your animals. They also sell their Human Food Seaweed ingredients to other manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Canada. Visit seagreens.co.uk for Europe and seagreensonline.com for the Americas.

Travelling Hen House Pammy Riggs of organic Providence Farm is author of “Keeping Chickens for Dummies“. She teaches about keeping chickens and about locally sourced foods. Her traveling hen house will be at the exhibition all weekend and Pammy will be available throughout the conference to take questions and answers about keeping chickens at home. There is no need to book ahead to see Pammy and her chickens.

The Meat Courseconnecting with the reality of farming animals for meat: Are doing a talk on keeping rabbits and will be exhibiting. They will have rabbits at the exhibition and be there to answer questions throughout the conference about keeping them for meat production at your very own micro-farm.

Now is a good time to take a closer look at farming for meat. The connection between farming and food is being emphasised by retailers, brands, the media and chefs, yet for most people, contact with the reality of food production, and especially meat, has been lost. In particular, almost all of us it seems – tend to avoid thinking about how our meat has died, and the packaged, bloodless, unnecessarily processed meat sold in supermarkets is simply unrecognisable from the animal it was. Their on-farm courses are designed to help people connect with the reality of producing meat, to recover something largely lost today – proper understanding of and respect for how our food reaches our plates. meatcourse.co.uk

Nutribaby At nutribaby our passion is to encourage women to become healthy mums with healthy babies, nourishing our next generation. We offer sound nutrition advice and guidance based on current research and nourishing traditions to help you optimise your baby’s growth, development & future health.  We provide Informal interactive talks for small groups and personal nutrition consultations. NutriBabyUK@gmail.com – nutribaby.co.uk 

NutriCentre Bookstore is your specialist bookshop for complementary medicine, with over 10,000 practitioner and popular consumer titles. Established 15 years ago, they have a huge selection of titles covering Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and ‘Mind Body Spirit’. They have regular deliveries from the USA, Europe and Australia. Health Practitioners and CAM students receive discounts on all books and free postage on orders over £25. The discounts are as follows: Health Practitioners – 25% discount, CAM Students – 20% discount. Books available online and at the London shop, 7 Park Crescent W1B 1PF. nutricentrebooks.com

The NutriCentre is one of the World’s largest nutritional product suppliers with over 30,000 lines and over 400 brands. Leading experts in practitioner and specialist US imported brands. If you’re looking for nutritional products, vitamins and minerals, herbal and holistic remedies, health supplements, books, or advice from some of the UK’s most eminent practitioners, you are in the right place. Check out our latest offers, best sellers and our full range of nutritional products. nutricentre.com

AIMS – Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services: At the forefront of the childbirth movement for more than fifty years. Working towards normal birth. Providing independent support and information about maternity choices. Raising awareness of current research on childbirth and related issues. aims.org.uk

ARNICA Parents The Arnica Network was formed in 2007 by parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease. Within a few years, 70 new Arnica groups have started nationwide, reflecting the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families. Visit their website to find your local group. arnica.org.uk

Bareskin Beauty: Natural skincare products for face and body, based on the principles of skinfood and feeding the skin with plant and flower extracts. Will be providing a vast range of treatments including facials, at our Spa area in a private treatment room. bareskinbeauty.co.uk

Big Barn Visit BigBarn anytime to see your local food map for purchasing food from local suppliers and read latest news and blogs. BigBarn is committed to reversing the anti-social trend of the UK food industry. A trend towards the growing mass production of food and control of the market by big business and retailers, giving farmers an average of only 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket. And where milk is cheaper than water in some shops! BigBarn’s mission is to reverse this trend by reconnecting consumers with their local producers, direct, or through local retailers, and encourage local trade. Giving farmers a better deal and consumers fresher, cheaper, accountable food. bigbarn.co.uk

Bio Protective Systems: Bio Protective Systems is a UK based company which was set up in 2006 to distribute the Green 8 Bio Protection Products. We have exclusive & sole distributorship for the UK . The Green 8  Products and Green 8 Transformers  take care of human lives, vegetation, planet and the biological system, which are being affected by the volumetric amount of Electromagnetic Radiations EMR’s. bioprotectivesystems.com

Biodynamic Association: The Biodynamic Agricultural Association was founded in Great Britain in 1929 to promote biodynamic farming and gardening. It also administers the Demeter symbol. The Association’s main objectives are to foster and promote the agricultural impulse started by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 (the date of his course of lectures on agriculture) and to help and support those wishing to put into practice the bio-dynamic method. With these objectives in mind it keeps in close touch with the biodynamic impulse abroad, with other aspects of anthroposophical work (especially on nutrition and other sciences) and with various organisations concerned with a non-chemical approach to the soil, environment and health. Membership is open to anybody interested, whether or not they are practicing farmers or gardeners. The present average subscription rate is £30 per year for members in the United Kingdom and Eire and £15.00 per year for students and senior citizens; £35 for members in Europe and £42 for all other countries. biodynamic.org.uk 

British Society for Ecological Medicine: The BSEM promotes the study and good practice of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine for the benefit of the public and supports doctors who use the insights of ecological medicine to help patients. ecomed.org.uk

Charcuterie in Umbria: is a newly launched charcuterie & nose-to-tail workshop in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Learn from the old Umbrian butchery and charcuterie traditions how to cure the best and worst part of a pig in the spirit of the Italian ancient saying: “no part of the pork goes wasted”. Cure sausages, lombo, lard, coppa, salami, porchetta… Taste delicious traditional dishes and enjoy excursions in the astonishing beauty of the Umbrian countryside. For further information about the workshop read Sarah Moore’s blog on the workshop, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah for more information: sarah@sarahmoore.co.uk

Cheesemakers of Canterbury produce Ashmore Farmhouse cheese, voted one of the top 50 best cheeses in the world at the 2012 World Cheese Awards gaining a Silver medal and a Bronze in the 2013 British Cheese Awards for Gruff, one of our goat cheeses. If you want to order any of our cheeses or butter we are happy to do “online”. Just give us a call or email and we will make a bespoke package up for you and calculate postage if required click here to use the attached order form  – cheesemakersofcanterbury.co.uk

College of Naturopathic Medicine: The College of Naturopathic Medicine has a committed and enthusiastic team of lecturers, with a wealth of clinical and teaching experience. Our faculty come from many walks of life, and all are dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients and the general public. It is the UK’s largest training provider of a range of natural therapies, with colleges nationwide. naturopathy-uk.com

Conscious Foods produce award winning naturally wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy and GMO free snacks, teas and the bestselling, multi-award winning and life-changing D’Mix. They will be showcasing their low GI, ultimate natural sweetener, Palmyra Jaggery; used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and exceptionally rich in B Vitamins and essential minerals, particularly iron. consciousfood.co.uk

Cultured Probiotics: Cultured & unpasteurised, home produced sauerkraut, latino kraut, mix vegetables medley, beetroot pickle, ginger & carrot mix, salsa and pickled garlic, beet kvass and more. culturedprobiotics.co.uk & 01491 637516.

Ellies Dairy: From the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we bring you the best milk, cheese and meat. Traditional responsible and ethical farming means free range access to grazing with all feed, including hay from our own ancient meadows, GM and chemical-free and blended by us. We know the name and personality of every single member of our pedigree herd of happy healthy goats. We love – and thoroughly spoil – every one of them, male and female alike. The milk and cheese is available in local farmers markets and most health food stores can order the frozen milk, making it the only raw milk available in British shops, nationwide  Find out more and read the endearing blog about the goats at: elliesdairy.blogspot.co.uk

FarmBuddies: works with farmers and service user managers across the South East for the wellbeing of all.  It works with farmers setting up Social Farming enterprises, works with County Councils and others to match their groups to the most suitable farms, finds green sites for charities and Not For Profit enterprises and finds places for individual service users on farms and other green therapeutic sites. farmbuddies.org.uk

At the Good Medicine Clinic, our approach is to focus on the patient and not the disease. Dipika Joshi is a pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, author, researcher, and educator. She has just written a book, for further details please visit goodmedicinemadegreat.com. She believes your health is an interaction of your genes, your body’s ability to regenerate, the environment your genes are bathed in, allergies, and toxicities. She uses many tools in her clinic to diagnose so she can get to the root causes of health problems. She was the first person in the UK to practice frequency specific microcurrent for pain and regeneration. good-medicine-clinic.com

High Barn Oils supply slow cold pressed linseed oil from their family-owned farm in West Sussex. High Barn Oils linseed oil is produced in a similar way to the very best olive oil. Use up to a desert spoonful per person in recipes, or mix with yoghurt or fruit to make smoothies. Also ideal for salad dressings and for baking. No roasting or frying though! linseed actually contains three times as much Omega 3 as fish oils and unlike refined fish oils is also balanced with Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin E. Their linseed pods and culinary oil have a smooth and slightly nutty taste. highbarnoils.co.uk

Hook & Son sell organic raw milk nationwide, locally and at farmers markets in London. They also sell ghee and raw butter.  Their aim is to manage a dairy herd that is truly sustainable; caring for the wildlife and environment around them, whilst making the farm viable enough to support their family.

John’s Jerseys Beaconhill Farm, in the heart of Herefordshire, produces the highest quality dairy products from a select herd of happy Jersey cows farmed to high standards in a low stress environment. Their unpasteurised milk, also known as ‘raw milk’, ‘clean milk, ‘real milk’, or ‘green top milk’, is available: direct from the farm and bottled fresh on the morning of collection. It can also be collected from the various events and farmers’ markets that they attend and they now have a nationwide mail order service. They call their unpasteurised cream “Extra Double” cream, reflecting the extra thick cream produced by our Jersey cows. johnsjerseys.co.uk

The Informed Parent was set up to counter frustration and isolation experienced by parents in their efforts to seek information about immunisation, following uncertainty about its safety and effectiveness. Subscription is on an annual basis with a newsletter to provide information and a voice for subscribers. You will also receive a comprehensive reading list and notice of any local talks or meetings. informedparent.co.uk

Libby Chan is an all natural product that harnasses the power of ‘friendly’ bacteria to clean and restore balanced healthy home environments. Chemical cleaners & anti-bacterials do not discriminate between ‘good’ & ‘bad’ bacteria, destroying them all which is leading to our homes becoming detrimental to our long term health. They are no longer balanced environments with bad bacteria reappearing quicker than before and becoming more resistant with each generation. Libby Chan is full of friendly, beneficial bacteria that simply outnumber the bad bacteria & starve them of resources making it more effective than any chemical or ‘green’ antibacterial. mylivingwateruk.com

Laurie’s Foods produces “Sparkling White Cabbage”. Naturally Fermented, Raw & Organic Cabbage! Also known as raw sauerkraut. The natural fermentation process is essential in retaining the beneficial nutrients and digestive properties known to be found in fermented vegetables! lauriesfoods.co.uk

Marlow Homeopathy can be found by the cafe and will be offering consultations all weekend for:-
GAPS (Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome)
CEASE detoxification protocols
Asyra Pro bio-energetic health screening
Elizabeth Courtis MCH, RSHom, Kay Willis LCPH, MCMA, GCP and Philippa Fibert B.Ed (hons) cantab, RSHom are highly qualified practitioners with years of experience. They are really happy to chat through any health issues with you, and can be found in the exhibition hall. To book a consultation or for further information CLICK HERE.  01628 476200 07808856740 or email: homeopathkay@gmail.com marlowhomeopathy.com

Stefan Chmelik, New Medicine Group and Thrive Health
Stefan Chmelik is founder of New Medicine Group and Thrive Health, the UK’s premier Integrated Healthcare and Traditional Chinese Medicine providers. We will be offering a special exhibition consultation:” spa-treatment-rooms

New Medicine Group are a group of Doctors, Homeopaths, Osteopaths, Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, Bodyworkers, Nutritionists, Herbalists, Acupuncturists and Mindfulness experts. They combine the caring, patient-centred approach of complementary medicine with the reassurance and accuracy of modern science-based diagnosis and testing. Our team of experts and Founder members have 300 years of combined clinical experience, and over 100 books and 3 professional medical journals published between them. Practicing at historic 144 Harley Street, they have unlimited enthusiasm and dedication to the pursuit of your health and wellbeing newmedicinegroup.com

Thrive Health is the Traditional Chinese Medicine team within New Medicine Group, thrivehealth.co.uk  and has a special interest in supporting people with IBS, Bladder/Pelvic Pain Syndromes, Anxiety states and Fertility, both male and female. thrivehealth.co.uk/stress-and-anxiety/

Protexin: are dedicated to producing innovative research based probiotics including Bio-Kult & Lepicol of the highest quality for animals and humans, produced in their own manufacturing facility in Somerset. Protexin.com

Rude Health is a small company with big dreams. With great food inside us, we feel we can do just about anything; change the nation’s eating habits, revolutionise farming and look sexy while line dancing. Here’s what gets us up in the morning… They pride themselves on making food tasty, healthy and sustaining. Their products are GMO free. rudehealth.com

TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd is an established UK importer, manufacturer and supplier of Multi-Award winning, organic and fair trade products. The best selling, UK’s No.1 TIANA Fair Trade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil provides outstanding nutritional benefits and has a superior taste. Cold pressed from selected fresh organic coconuts without any heat used during production TIANA Fair Trade Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is ideal when used as food supplement, for all cooking and baking and surprisingly effective in your beauty regime as a skin moisturiser and hair conditioner. The premium TIANA range of superfoods include various Organic Coconut Butters,  Raw Coconut Water, Coconut Nectar, Gluten Free Coconut Flour and a selection of Raw Active Honey. All TIANA products are free from GM, cholesterol, trans-fats, hydrogenated fat and are suitable for raw, low carbohydrate, dairy, wheat and gluten free diets and are essential for healthy balanced diets.

TIANA is committed to organic, fair trade and sustainable agriculture methods to ensure a reliable supply chain from coconut farmer to consumer. By buying TIANA Fair Trade Certified products you will be contributing to the TIANA Fair Trade Project, which has been helping coconut farmers’ communities and local economies achieve a better life in the Philippines since 2009.  tiana-coconut.com

Trealy Farm are the UK’s leading artisan charcuterie producer, blending traditional practices and innovative technology to make their products. Today they make around 40 varieties of charcuterie meats from pigs, lamb, beef, wild boar, venison, rabbit and even goat. They sell to customers and increasingly to renowned restaraunts across the country. trealyfarm.com

The Real Food Company is an Aladdinʼs cave of natural nutrition with a retail shop in Cheshire and a soon to be launched online shop. They have a simple passion for real food, natural health and wellbeing. The shop is full of whole & natural foods which can aid digestion such as live fermented foods & Kombucha. They have large range local and organic produce including organic fruit & veg , free range eggs, organic unpasteurised cheeses, cream and butter, organic breadspasture fed and organic meat and much more . They cater for people eating a range of special diets and can offer advice and information for those interested in finding the ingredients from Nourishing Traditions as well as for people on the GAPS diet, SCD and paleo. Bodycare is also taken care of with options like rhassoul clay, natural oral health oils and powders, herbal and homeopathic remedies, not forgetting fermented cod liver oil. Have a look at their website to find out more or ring 01270 873322

Treating Autism is a charity run entirely by volunteers, provides information and support to families and individuals affected by autism with the aim of improving their quality of life. treatingautism.co.uk

Special Health Store are a small online health store from Epsom in Surrey set up in 2009. We try to be a friendly and reliable place where you can find trusted, innovative products & information to help support your families health. Being a small health store means that we can offer you a fair, polite and dedicated customer service. We like listening to what you have to say and hope that you will let us know what you think and ways that we can improve. specialhealthstore.co.uk

Sun Chlorella® is a natural and nutritious single-celled green algae food supplement. Whole foods, such as chlorella, contain a broad spectrum of nutrients perfectly designed by nature, not science. This means that your body receives small amounts of complete nutrition, nourishing all systems within the body, as opposed to a large dose of a specific synthetic supplement designed to target just one or two functions. That is why we call it whole food for your whole body. sunchlorella.co.uk

Waltham Place Farm Berkshire, is a 220acre Organic and Biodynamic farm in Berkshire of which 50 acres is woodland and gardens, 40 acres is arable and the remainder is permanent pasture and grass leys. We keep a herd of native Jersey cows , flocks of Jacob and Castlemilk Moorit sheep, Tamworth pigs and a small flock of free range chickens and guinea fowl. Through our program of courses, special interest days, garden and school visits we seek to share traditional skills and to offer opportunities to reconnect with nature and explore the fauna, flora, food and philosophy of Waltham Place. Walthamplace.com

Yes to Life Yes to Life is inspired by a vision of a different way of responding to cancer. Our aim is to change culture and attitude and to make integrative cancer care readily available throughout the UK. By integrative we mean the best of orthodox and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (‘CAM’). Yes to Life provides information which is well researched, personalised, current and easy to access; helping people have the choice to decide to do what they want to do; support through funding those who wish to take an integrative approach; and through our Help Line providing support and often a lifeline to people with cancer whose voices have fallen on deaf ears. yestolife.org.uk

 Who do we help? Anyone with cancer in the UK wanting a greater choice of care.

 How do we help?

  • By directly supporting people in finding a positive way forward and in making their own treatment choices
  • By raising public awareness of the rapidly developing range of Integrative Medicine treatment options through our education programme.
  • Through our Wellbeing Workshops for people with cancer covering lifestyle changes including nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, non-toxic products and much more
  • By actively seeking to make changes in the way in which cancer patients are treated within the NHS environment
  • Ensuring that the concept of Integrative Medicine becomes more ‘common currency’ amongst people with cancer.


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