Fermentation Workshops

Eclipse Pavilion boxes, used for these workshop. There is a large room for demonstrations and whole group discussions and two break out rooms for practical elements, when the group splits into two groups of 24.

Listen to coverage of our 2012 fermentation workshop by Maria Tarantino on BBC Radio 4′s “The Food Programme

At the workshops, you will get a chance to try out several homemade fermented foods and learn to make your own. We have prepared a short guide on pdf for each session, with detailed explanations and some recipes.

(Scroll down for details of the Saturday and Sunday workshops)

In this workshop you will get an extensive introduction to the practice of fermenting vegetables and making fermented condiments. We will focus on a hands-on approach to fermentation: how to ferment successfully and safely in our own’s (often small) kitchens, using quality vegetables from farms, which we have grown ourselves or foraged in the wild.

To illustrate all this, we have prepared several samples that illustrate the effects of different fermentation techniques, the flavors of wild herbs, the texture of vegetables and role of spices:

–       foraged salicornia in brine;

–       fermented garden vegetables with whey;

–       fermented juice tonic (with cucumbers and mushrooms);

–       gherkins with lavender and wild sea tansy;

–       fermented cooked pumpkin veloute’;

We will discuss samples and go through the necessary steps of fermentation. We will then split the group in two and organize the work around four tables, each of them exploring a different technique/style of fermentation.
LUNCH 13:00 to 14:00 (Included in ticket price) Click Here for menu’s.
After lunch, we will finish the preparations that people will bring back home.

We will have a shorter tasting and explanation of:

–       homemade fermented ketchup (from Nourishing Traditions);

–       homemade fermented mustard (from Nourishing Traditions);

–       homemade fermented ginger beer (from Wild Fermentation).

–       There will room for questions and remarks.


SATURDAY 10:00 to 12.30 – ASIAN FERMENTATIONS FROM 1 hour to ten years

After a brief introduction to the marvelous and inspiring heritage of Asian fermentations, we will present three samples:

–       instant Japanese tsukemono;

–       4-month old garlic in tamari sauce;

–       Korean-style kimchi.

–       We will then proceed to make a jar of kimchi that people can take home.



This is a practical demonstration.

We will go through the very simple steps necessary to make the lightly fermented drink “rejuvelac” from sprouted grain, how to ferment nuts and recycle the sprouted grains to make Essene bread crackers.

We will end with a tasting of:

–       rejuvelac;

–       nut cheese;

–       different kind of Essene crackers.

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