Sai Nutrition

The Sai Nutrition Centre is a multi-disciplinary wellness clinic that was established by a pharmacist, Raj Bhachu in 1999 as a centre of excellence for bio-regulatory medicine and has since grown to be the premier centre for complimentary health in London. As one of the most advanced integrative healthcare clinics in the UK, our qualified and experienced health experts use groundbreaking screening technology to deliver powerful yet gentle natural therapies that targets the client’s health challenges at their roots, not just dealing with their symptoms. Over the last 14 years, we have screened and dealt with over 6000 patients with an impressive record of success. The clinic is inundated with clients from round the world and is regularly featured in the national press.
Raj’s unique holistic approach to his client’s optimum wellbeing generally tends to succeed where traditional conventional methods may have failed.

Raj Bhachu will be available for consultations in the cafe area all weekend.

For more information please click here to view an article published in the Stella magazine (Sunday Telegraph ) recently

Raj Bhachu  BSc.(Hons),MRPharmS, M.I.PharmM, M.A.B.P., F.R.S.P.H, M.I.P.T.I, M.A.E.T, B.R.C.P, F.S.B.M.

Telephone: 07958 299 490

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