Spa: Treatment Rooms

Pamper yourself with a full range of treatments from Bareskin Beauty. CLICK HERE for the list of treatments. Book them in advance directly with Juliette Scarfe 07824 533131

Geoffrey Morell, Acclaimed energy healer will provide Clendinning Technique, Energy Medicine treatments, used to pinpoint areas of disharmony in the body and restore energy balance as the first step in healing. Geoffrey is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and is also speaking Saturday evening. Book 30min treatments in advance by emailing


Marlow Homeopathy can be found in the cafe area and will be offering consultations all weekend for: GAPS (Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome), CEASE detoxification protocols, Homeopathy, Asyra Pro Bio-energetic screening. CLICK HERE for further information on the treatments and how to book. Kay Willis LCPH, MCMA, GCP, CEASE therapist, is an experienced, certified GAPS practitioner, trained by Dr Campbell-McBride. She is a member of WAPF with a background in alternative therapies.

The Sai Nutrition Centre is a multi-disciplinary wellness clinic that was established by a pharmacist, Raj Bhachu in 1999 as a centre of excellence for bio-regulatory medicine and has since grown to be the premier centre for complimentary health in London. Click Here for more information on treatments available.






Thrive Health will be offering our Health MOT at a special exhibition price. This includes an analysis of your lifestyle factors that may be affecting your health and with special reference to the Traditional Chinese Medicine means of disease prevention and health cultivation. At the show we will also be including a FREE non-invasive Arterial Health Scan.

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