Weston A. Price & GAPS Café

The WAPF cafe is being run by Sonia Dunduru of culturedprobiotics.co.uk where you can contact her to find out more about her catering services for events that cater for specialist diets. The menu is international with flavours inspired by Sonia’s experience living across Europe, the Middle East and London and her passion for food and food provenance. All ingredients are locally sourced, biodynamic, organic or wild: from the fresh organic vegetables, to the meat raised on closed system farms. 

The café is a wonderful 500.sqm room with panoramic views from Heathrow to the City & Crystal Palace.
It will be open from 8am till 7pm Saturday and 8am to 5pm Sunday.

Please see menu below No pre ordering necessary so whether you are a grazer, hungry, thirsty or just wish to peruse.

Cafe Menu

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