Wise Traditions London 2012

Our third Conference was held at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th March 2012
There was no conference in 2013. Purchase proceedings by clicking on the “Conference Videos” link above.

Sally Fallon-Morell MA — Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD — Dr John Turner MD — Prof Ton Baars PhD
Prof Paul Connett PhD — Dr Stephanie Seneff PhD — Elizabeth Wells — PhD (DNN, MFNTP)
Kathryne Pyrtle MA — Dr Craig Rose — Simon Ranger of Seagreens — dj.78


      Saturday 17th March

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          Sunday 18th March

































Speaker Descriptions
Epsom Downs Racecourse

Sally Fallon Morell MA — Prof. Paul Connett — Prof. Ton Baars
Dr Natasha Campbell McBride MD — Dr Craig Rose — Dr John Turner CD
Stephanie Seneff PhD — Elizabeth Wells D.NN
Kathryne Pirtle MA — Jane Mason — Maria Tarantino

Sally Fallon Morell MA
is Founding President of the Weston A. Price Foundation and founder of the Campaign for Real Milk, Mrs. Fallon Morell lectures extensively around the world on issues of health and nutrition. She is a prolific writer of numerous articles and books and serves as editor of Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation. In 1996, Mrs. Fallon Morell published the best-selling Nourishing Traditions (with Mary G. Enig, PhD), the cookbook that launched her career in alternative health. Visit her website at newtrendspublishing.com.

Stephanie Seneff PhD
is an Honorary Board Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has a Batchelor’s degree from MIT in biology with a minor in food and nutrition, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, also from MIT.Throughout her career, Dr. Seneff has conducted research in diverse areas, including human auditory modeling, spoken dialogue systems, natural language processing, information retrieval and summarization, and computational biology.She has published nearly 200 refereed articles in technical journals and conferences on these subjects, and has been invited to give several keynote speeches.Dr. Seneff has recently become interested in the effect of drugs and diet on health and nutrition, and she has written several essays on the web articulating her view on these topics. She is currently developing spoken dialogue systems to support intelligent search and summarization of vaccine adverse reaction reports and user-provided reviews of drug side effects.She is the first author of three papers published in 2011 in medical journals on theories proposing that a high-carbohydrate diet contributes to the metabolic syndrome, to Alzheimer’s disease, and to autism.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD
is an Honorary Board Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She holds two postgraduate degrees in neurology and human nutrition and serves on the Honorary Board of the Weston A Price Foundation. Natasha has become recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in treating learning disabilities, mental disorders, as well digestive and immune disorders and runs the Cambridge Nutrition Clinic. Her website is gaps.me

Professor Dr Ton Baars
has studied and carried out research in organics since 1974. His doctorate degree explored organic animal husbandry and grass based agriculture. Ton has published 26 peer reviewed journal articles, was most recently a professor for biodynamic agriculture at Kassel University and is Senior Scientist for milk quality and animal welfare at the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture in Switzerland.

Dr. John Turner DC, CCSP, DIBCN
has more than twenty-five years of experience as a Chiropractic Physician. Combining this with his certifications in both Acupuncture and Sports Medicine and a Board Certification in Neurology, he has created a multifaceted approach to diagnosing and treating patients from all over Chicago-land and the surrounding cities and states.Education has always been an important part of Dr. Turner’s philosophy. He has extensive post-graduate studies in neurology, endocrinology, acupuncture, and nutrition. He has lectured locally and nationally on topics in nutrition, sports medicine and technique. Dr. Turner is a Preceptor for the National University of Health Sciences and as such, helps train gradating Doctors of Chiropractic, refining their clinical skills.

Professor Paul Connett
is the Director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), and the Executive Director of its parent body, the American Environmental Health Studies Project(AEHSP). He has spoken and given more than 2,000 presentations in forty-nine states and fifty-two countries on the issue of waste management. He holds a bachelors degree from the University of Cambridge and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College and is a retired professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology at St. Lawrence University. He lives in Canton, New York. Paul’s most recent book, The Case Against Fluoride is a devastating inditement of the practice of fluoridating our water supplies.

Elizabeth Wells D.NN, FNTP, PhD
is a nutritionist and co-chapter leader of WAPF Manchester. A former sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she specialises in chronic ‘difficult-to-treat’ conditions such as ME/CFS, Candida infection, allergies and environmental illness. Elizabeth also writes for magazines and has been featured in the local and national press. Her website is naturallywells.com

Kathryne Pirtle MA
is an Honorary Board Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She is a world-class clarinetist, executive director of the Orion Ensemble in Chicago, presents a live internationally broadcast series on Chicago’s WFMT-FM Fine Arts Radio Network and tours throughout North America. She is also is principal clarinetist of the Lake Forest Symphony and frequently performs with the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, the Grant Park Music Festival, The Ravinia Festival Orchestra, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.Kathy’s career nearly ended because of performance difficulties caused by celiac disease, acid reflux, chronic inflammation and other health problems. “Performance without Pain”, written with Sally Fallon and John Turner, DC tells the story of her trials and recovery. She has been published in the Autism File Global, Advance Magazine (a publication for Physical Therapy), Wise Traditions, International Musician, the ClarinetKathryne writes a blog on her website: performancewithoutpain.com  about issues relating to building health with nutrient-dense foods. She has published an e-book called “Acid Reflux, A National Epidemic and Precursor to Chronic Illness—Achieving Lasting Healing with Nutrient-Dense Foods.”

Craig Rose PhD
studied for his degrees in marine biology at Newcastle University and the Scottish Association for Marine science. Since finishing his PhD, Craig established SEA consultants as an environmental marine consultancy. A key project over an 18month period was the management of the commercial research and development of seaweed for bioenergy. Consequently, on recognising the immense potential in seaweed as a positive and sustainable source of nutrition and energy, Craig left the company to focus exclusively on seaweeds.  At the start of 2011 he was honoured to be invited to be the Executive Director of the Seaweed Health Foundation.The Seaweed Health Foundation is an independent and not-for-profit forum for research, and to raise awareness of the benefits of human food quality seaweed for food and health.

Simon Ranger
gained international experience in brand development for more than two decades and set up Seagreens in the late 1990s to “get a daily gram of the best seaweed into the human diet”. An initial joint venture in Norwegian Lapland led to establishing a new production facility in Scotland in 2009 which won the 2010 Crown Estate Business Award for Marine Enterprise. Seeing food ingredients as an important route to achieving the brand’s founding aims, he focused on the scientific research of seaweed as a nutritious whole food ingredient. In 2010 a Seagreens pilot study in obesity received the Alpro Foundation Matsters Award for Sheffield Hallam Universtity.

Using a pair of 1930’s HMV wind-up gramophones and a big box of 78rpm shellac discs, DJ78 provides atmosphere and entertainment in equal measure. Providing us entertainment during the hog roast and, at the late evening bar.Playing an eclectic selection of popular music from the dancebands of the 20’s to the rock’n’roll pioneers of the 50’s he makes any social gathering that little bit classier, looking dapper in his dinner suit and dicky bow.Recently, DJ78 has appeared on BBC2’s ‘Working Lunch’ programme and on BBC Radio 1. He has performed at London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, The Goodwood Revival, Bestival, Latitude, Llama Festival, Camp Bestival, Shepherds Bush Empire, Ulster Hall in Belfast, The Edinburgh TV Festival, Dublin Arts Festival and at more weddings than you can shake a stick at!DJ78 also presents ‘The Shellac Shake’, a two hour radio show on the second Sunday of every month. It is broadcast at 0900-1100 live on Future Radio 107.8 fm in the Norwich area, or online at futureradio.co.uk, where podcasts of previous shows can be found. His website is dj78.co.uk

Jane Mason
is a professional baker, writer and social entrepreneur.  Her enterprise, Virtuous Bread, views bread as a catalyst for social change and exists to help people make and find and learn about good bread whilst forging the link between bread and virtue.  Although Jane teaches all sorts of bread baking classes, she specialises in sourdough and is extremely knowledgable about the benefits of properly fermented dough believing it is the answer to “wheat belly.”

Maria Tarantino
was born and grew up in Italy. She studied philosophy in Edinburgh, Leuven and Venice. She has been working as a freelance journalist for the past 10 years.Her food stories have appeared in Slowfood and Gastronomica. In 2008 after extensive travels to Japan and after meeting fermentation guru Sandor Katz, Maria began experimenting with fermentation. She set up fermentation workshops in Brussels and made personal research into traditional Japanese fermentation techniques (funazushi, nukazuke, miso).
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