Welcome to the home page of the Weston A Price Louisville Chapter. We are a local community organization which is part of a much larger world wide organization dedicated to educating people about:
1. The food choices they make and how those choices can have dramatic impact on not only their health but the health of future generations.
2. Where our food comes from and how our food supply is treated can have  serious impact on how how nutritous its is.
3.  How we can build a healthy vibrant community.
Upcoming events
WAPF Louisville Chapter Meeting
Friday April 15 2013 6:00pm-8:00pm
Evening  Presenter John Moody
Know your Farmers, how to know what your farmers are really doing. 
                       What are they feeding and what all those words really mean.                                  

 The modern consumer’s search for quality food is often a confusing maze of terms about farming and processing techniques. Terms like Grass-fed, Pastured, Free Range, Organic, Certified Organic, Traditional and Conventional are terms we are familiar with. What do these words mean when it comes to how our food was raised and treated and processed? Why should we as consumer be educated about the difference? What are the questions we should be asking our farmers?

        Where Calvary Lutheran Church 1816 Bardstown Road Louisville KY.

Everyone is welcome!! 

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