James Story

I was born in Northern Canada and moved to Malaga, Spain when I was 21. I am Mennonite in culture and as of recently married to a beautiful Colombian doctor.

It was here in Spain in November 2012 when I found myself admitted to a hospital with terrible inflammation of the colon that was later diagnosed as Crohn’s disease. Its’ where I stayed for three weeks. I lost 20kg in that episode and it took me nearly a year to get back from it. It was in that year when I found Weston A. Price. In January 2015 I repeated the experience but bounced back in four weeks thanks to already having the wisdom of the nourishing traditions and leveraging them along-side the selective carb diet.

Honestly, as of late I have been focusing on the work of Dr. John E. Sarno because while I believe firmly in having a strong nutrition, I have seen it to be a huge mistake in my own life to presume that the body is a closed system, that emotional inputs are unrelated to ones health.

All that said, I want to hear from you! I want to hear what ails you and I want to help you live a life full of energy, a life full of self-pride and confidence. I’ve learned a handful of tricks on how to do this myself and I have had the joy of seeing others leverage them.

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