April 29, 2018: SoMar Farms

About 30 people from all over the bay area (San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco, East Bay, Marin, Sonoma County) came out to the SoMar Farms tour on this gorgeous day! Sam, Katy, Rachel and Amy showed us around, talked to us about their alpacas, wool sheep, grass-fed and finished Angus/Hereford cattle, chickens and meat sheep. Sam is passionate about restoring the land and soil and works tirelessly preventing erosion (which causes nutrients in the soil to be washed away with the rains). They rotate all of their animals to fresh pasture regularly to help prevent disease.

At the start of our tour, we saw and learned about the alpacas and wool sheep up close:

The bicycle-wheeled chicken tractor:

A wide range of delicious nutrient-dense treats included: meatballs, paté, a mango drink, date balls, strawberry kefir gelatin, salads, brownies, slow-cooked barbecued SoMar Farms lamb and beef, pickles, sauerkraut, blueberry muffins, and Amy’s biscotti:

Our farmer/hosts: Sam, Rachel, Katy and Amy:

A short highlight video of our afternoon:

By Karen and Jay Hamilton-Roth