January 21, 2015: Muscle Testing with Srinika Narayan (SF event)

Srinika NarayanThe San Francisco WAPF group had a very interesting gathering on Wednesday evening!

Srinika Narayan is a licensed acupuncturist and does nutritional analysis in her practice.

Srinika talked about environmental toxins (and ways to mitigate their effects). For example, small amounts daily of chlorella and cilantro are helpful with the toxin mercury.

The big new thing I learned is that there are ‘flavor enhancers’ made by Monsanto and other companies that don’t have to be listed as an ingredient in products and are basically unregulated, or have gotten the FDA nod as safe, and not needing labeling. One is called neotame. Supposedly it’s in almost all flavored teas (tea bags), kombuchas, flavored waters and other food products. I had no idea! She said it’s a neurotoxin and we should assume it’s in almost any beverage. She suggests avoiding these drinks and using enzymes, probiotics and liver herbs, milk thistle and dandelion, to help detox.

Srinika suggested eating fenugreek seeds and Spanish black radish because they clean out the lymph and break down genetically modified foods.

EMF exacerbates many symptoms, especially skin issues. She suggested using a smart patch (such as those made by Safe Space Protection) to decrease EMF from smart phones and other devices. Increasing vitamin C, echinacea, astragalus, cat’s claw and red marine algae are all good for EMF exposure. She also said that some crystals help dampen the effects of EMF, particularly clear quartz, smoky quartz and black tourmaline.

Many other environmental toxins, such as chlorine, memory foam pillows and beds, pesticides, lead, formaldehyde and perfumes, affect our body’s ability to function healthfully. For many of these things, she suggested taking different enzymes, probiotics and liver herbs to help detoxify. Kombu helps mobilize lead to take it out of our systems.

After we learned about environmental toxins, Srinika talked about muscle testing to help us determine what foods and supplements will be good for each of our unique bodies.

She said that muscle testing works because everything has it’s own vibration or energy. Our bodies have an innate wisdom to determine if a food or supplement is good for us. We practiced muscle testing on each other with different foods, sugars, etc. I need more practice to feel it but it seems like such a great tool for accessing our body’s intelligence.

by Karen Hamilton-Roth