May 10, 2014: Awareness Through Movement with Susan Hammond

Susan Hammond, of Ease Into Awareness, gave us a short Feldenkrais lesson before our potluck. Here is a description of what we did from her website: “the Feldenkrais teacher verbally leads you through a sequence of movements in basic positions: sitting or lying on the floor, standing or sitting in a chair. These precisely structured movement explorations involve thinking, sensing, moving, feeling and imagining. By increasing awareness, you will learn to abandon habitual patterns of movement and develop new alternatives, resulting in improved flexibility and coordination.”

Lying on blankets on the floor and gently moving was a relaxing and enlightening experience!

Susan Hammond Feldenkrais

We had a couple of responses to the day:
“‘Susan’ gave us a real gift of experiencing Feldenkrais. Thank you for arranging it.”

“What a meeting….it was great.  And tell Susan we slept more soundly that night than we have in a very long time.  Maybe a combo of her Feldenkrais, your kvass, and such a loving group.  WAP rocks!”

The food was delicious. We had pork shoulder from Green Goose Farm, Stemple Creek Ranch herbed beef sliders, guacamole and chips, garlic kefir cheese, golden beet kvass with turmeric, ginger and lime, coconut water kefir and milk kefir fermented with strawberries, scrumptious whipped cream with carob and maple syrup, and almond cookies from Nourishing Traditions.

By Karen Hamilton-Roth