May 9, 2013: Removing the “Obstacles to Cure” with Dr. Louisa Williams

Dr. Louisa Williams gave a very interesting talk on Removing the “Obstacles to Cure”. The obstacles that she addressed were petrochemical-laden cosmetics and cleaning products and mercury amalgam fillings and toxic metal crowns. There are other obstacles as well, such as food sensitivities, (for example: dairy and gluten), and focal infections.

Here are some interesting facts:

~ 1940 to 2000 – 87,000 new chemicals were synthesized in the US alone

~ New chemicals are invented at a rate of 2000/year

~ 1950 – less than 10% of cornfields sprayed with pesticides

~ 1993 – 99% of cornfields chemically treated with pesticides

According to the National Cancer Institute, as many as 98% of all cancers can be correlated to toxic chemical exposures. And only 5-15% of heart disease and cancer patients can attribute their disease to heredity. Our genes turn on and off with our epigenetic switches ~ from our environment (chemical exposure; diet; stress; exercise; etc).

She feels that because our sanitation is so good now that if petrochemicals hadn’t come into being, our lives would be so much better!

The #1 cause of death in America is allopathic medicine ~ drugs, hospitalizations and surgeries.  Wow!

Louisa demonstrated a diagnostic tool called MRT ~ matrix reflex testing. It’s similar to muscle testing but is very sensitive and is an effective tool to determine correct therapies for each patient.

She also showed how it can be used to determine a ‘clean’ product vs one that has many chemicals. She has offered to come to another gathering to teach us how to do self-testing! She says she uses it frequently on herself to find out, for example, which brand of olive oil to buy when she is in the store.

The treatments for these “obstacles to cure” are:

1. Replace your personal care products with non-toxic ones. Louisa has a “Best Bets List” on her website: She also suggested checking out Environmental Working Group:

2. Take an effective binder to efficiently detox.

For mercury amalgam fillings and toxic metal crowns, she suggests having them carefully removed one quadrant at a time by a biological dentist. (Check for recommended SF Bay Area biological dentists and for the “Clean Dental Material List”). It’s important to very carefully detox under the care of a holistic practitioner ~ don’t get constipated (80% mercury is excreted through colon); double the dose of supplements/herbals; Karack’s oil pulling therapy with sesame oil for 90 seconds; redose your constitutional homeopathic remedy or Arnica 200C and Hypericum 200C; call your doctor if not feeling well.

Thank you Louisa Williams for your very informative and engaging talk!!

By Karen Hamilton-Roth