November 23, 2014: Miso tasting with the San Francisco Chapter

Doug Miller-Fleig

Doug Miller-Fleig hosted a small group of the San Francisco WAPF chapter at his home to share his passion for fermenting miso! He was inspired to start fermenting when working on a biodynamic farm in New York.

Miso is a two-part ferment.

Doug first inoculates steamed rice with koji culture and incubates for two days in a warm spot in cedar boxes.

The second step is to add cooked beans (or nuts) and salt to the koji and then allow varying times for that to ferment in anaerobic conditions (heavily weighted).

Miso Tastings

Misos are aged by the summers so it’s best to make them in the fall.

We tried a 4 year miso, adzuki bean miso, daikon buried in a black bean miso aged 6 months, amazaki, almond miso, Brazil nut miso and garbanzo tamari.

Miso Tastings

Doug uses miso in many ways ~ adding to rice, flavoring soups, marinades, sauces with nut butter or yogurt, salad dressings. His two year old son eats miso off a spoon! His favorite store-bought miso is South River.

Doug’s website can be seen here: Barefoot Holistic Healing

By Karen Hamilton-Roth