September 16, 2018: Mini Traditional Food Fair and Potluck

We joined with Dr. Lindy Woodard of Pediatric Alternatives (an integrative pediatric office) to have our first mini Traditional Foods Fair! We had local artisans telling their stories and sampling their products. Our artisans were Alex Corsini of Zaahh pizza –  making sourdough einkorn pizza; Luke and Maggie of Wild West Ferments – fermented vegetables; Melissa Wenzel of Mama Mel’s Bread – gluten-free breads; Sam and Katy of SoMar Farms – grass-fed and finished beef and lamb.

From upper left, clockwise: Alex of Zaahh Pizza, Melissa of Mama Mel’s Bread, Sam and Katy Cohen of SoMar Farms, and Luke from Wild West Ferments.

The fair!


By Karen and Jay Hamilton-Roth