Raw Dairy

For information about raw milk, see A Campaign for Real Milk.

In Marin County, you can find raw milk from Claravale and Organic Pastures in the following locations:

For local raw goat dairy:

For raw dairy shipped to Marin:

Please also see the advertising section in the Wise Traditions journals for more farms that ship raw dairy.

Here are questions to ask a raw dairy to help you find high-quality milk sources (from Dr Mercola):

  • Does the farmer and his entire family drink the milk themselves?
  • Does the farmer test his milk for pathogens, and can he prove that his product has a low pathogenic population?
  • Are the cows fed with natural grass on a pasture? If not, what are they feeding the cows?
  • How long has the farmer been in business producing raw milk?
  • What conditions are the cows raised in? Do they look healthy?
  • Is the farm accredited with sanitation standards? In a related note, does the farm have a history of sanitation problems?
  • Is the milk quickly chilled after collecting?
  • Are cows given antibiotics and growth hormones? (Remember, organic standards do not allow this practice.)