Apples & Fruits

Earth First Farms is a Certified Organic Orchard located in Southwest Michigan.

Tom Rosenfeld; 8335 Smith Road; Berrien Center, MI 49102; 269-815-3370;

Rent A Tree is pick-your-own.

Taste your way through the apple season with our apple-only CSA!

Delivers to several suburban locations: Lake Bluff, Palatine, Woodridge and several Chicago locations too.

Cider and apple butter available also.  Certified Organic.

Joes Blues  Joe Corrado; 1323 Seward #2; Evanston, IL 60202; 847-293-1690;

Blueberry CSA: 12 pint box of fresh jersey blueberries, July 10- August 10.

Door to door delivery or pickup at various locations.  

Non-certified organic, excellent sweetness and quality.

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