WAPF Chapter Bulk Buying Clubs

If you are trying to save budgetary dollars towards purchasing real foods at great prices, then consider our viable alternatives to grocery markets or health food stores.  Avoid the mark-ups and buy direct at wholesale cost with us. Orders are placed 3-4 times per year.

Guidelines for WAPF Chapter Bulk Buying Clubs

Green Pasture Products

  2015 Order Due dates: Feb 20th, May 14th, Aug 5th – Please have order in by 10:00 am

Wilderness Family Naturals

The aim is to have 2-4 orders annually.  Next order due Jan 29th – Please have order in by 10:00am

UNFI Buying Clubs

Consumer buying clubs are groups of individuals who combine their buying power and labor to buy in bulk from wholesalers. Members of a buying club share the work and expenses involved in acquiring and distributing the food to their group. Consumer Buying Clubs with United Natural Foods Buying Clubs (UNFI) www.unfi.com offer most of the same products that are found in corporate grocery stores such as Whole Foods, except for fresh produce. There are two club options available in the NW Suburbs

Buffalo Grove Buying Club

Deliveries are every 8th Monday with a window from 9-11 am near Arlington Heights Road and Dundee.  Individuals keep $50 on account to become active and pay a $5 annual fee.  Contact Holly Kahan HollyKahanatgmail.com or use the form below. 

Creekside Buying Group – Schaumburg

Creekside Buying Group, established in 1988,  meets at Calvary Community Church 1000 S. Springinsguth Road, Schaumburg, IL 60193 every 4th Monday.  Delivery times are currently variable. Members must keep a minimum of $20 on their personal account at all times.  Participation in at least 6 deliveries annually is required as well as attendance at the June membership meeting (this corresponds with the delivery date). Orders are placed approximately 14-16 days prior to actual delivery.

Interested? Enter your info below mention Creekside

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