Local Resources

Pittsburgh, PA is surrounded by a wealth of healthy local food options year-round.  The local members of our Weston A. Price Foundation chapter have compiled the following lists of resources for you as well as a list of recommended restaurants for those living in or visiting the city. For those items that are not readily available in our region, some members have established “buying clubs” in order to procure the items at a discounted or wholesale price; those are listed with contact information if you are interested.  These restaurants are establishments which support the local food movement and our farmers.

Here you may find information regarding many of the excellent farmers in our region who would be pleased to supply you with healthy foods.  With each farmer we have provided some information regarding what they provide and where they are located.

New to buying local food? Our chapter is pleased to help you–use the contact page to reach us. We also encourage you to read Joel Salatin’s book “Holy Cows and Hog Heaven” available through our Allegheny County public library system to learn more.


We have also compiled a list of other local resources who are recommended by our members and such as healthcare providers who support alternative therapies or traditional nutrition and farms which provide vacation or education opportunities.



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