About Us

The Rockland County Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter serves as a venue for resource and information exchange for those interested in improving their health based on the findings from the extensive research carried out by Weston A. Price. This group should also serve as a platform for building community and increasing awareness about the principles of Dr. Price’s research. In addition we strongly encourage eating local foods in season and do everything we can to support this endeavor.

The Rockland WAPF Group has been formed for the purpose of sharing ideas and to exchange information about resources available in and around Rockland County.  Please visit our local site for information on events, local resources, recipes, recommended reading and more.

To ask questions and engage in discussions with the group and find out about events, please join our Facebook Page.  Feel free to post relevant videos, share links, and upload photos. You can also visit our meetup page, Rockland County Whole Food Nutrition Meetup Group. If you would like more information about our local chapter, you can email  Jill Cruz .


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