Sacramento WAPF

the Farm-to-Fork Capital

The Weston A. Price philosophy of eating is about honoring the traditions and wisdom of thousands of years of human development by returning to the tenants of health that supported cultures around the world to have superior health, physically, mentally and emotionally.  These principles include:

  • Sustainably raised animal products honoring and using the whole animal, valuing the organ meats, bone broth, fats, and raw dairy products and eggs, from land and sea animals
  • Grains, Legumes and Nuts grown in traditional form and properly prepared through fermentation, soaking, or souring to improve digestability and nutrient content
  • Vegetable and Fruits grown locally, eaten seasonally and fermented to improve intestinal gut health
  • The return of and importance of traditional fats including butter, lard, animal fats, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and cod liver oil
  • Fermented beverages to restore and repopulate our gut health, which affects the whole body physically, emotionally and mentally

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