Real Food on a Real Budget

So you have now read or learned enough that you are all excited about eating food that is in harmony with nature, nourishes your body, and tastes amazing, however you are now in sticker shock over the cost of raw milk, or pasture raised animals. I understand, completely, when you grow up in a culture of walmart, dollar stores and amazon competing to give you everything at the lowest cost possible, it can be very hard to pay $7 for a dozen eggs.

However first off, ask yourself what expenses you might be able to cut back to afford that raw milk, do you have a Starbuck’s habit? Do you drink soda? Would you be willing to have a board game night in with friends instead of that movie at the theater to buy better food. First off when it comes to money, it begins with looking at the overall picture and seeing if there is any way cut costs in one area to have money for another.

Now for many people nowadays you might be already living paycheck to paycheck with no additional money leftover, and there is not additional money in your budget. Here is my list of ways to make eating real food much more achievable on a budget.

-Make as many of the foods as you can. Kombucha sells in the store for $3-4 a bottle, however if you make it at home, it costs pennies. Homemade Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are very inexpensive when made yourself. Dried legumes are a very inexpensive source of protein if you cannot afford much quality meat.

-Investing in a freezer and buying in bulk. Pasture raised animals cost the farmers a lot more for their care and feeding, however it also costs the farmers a lot of time and money going to farmer’s markets, so many of the small farms sell in bulk, either a 1/4 or a 1/2 of the animal at once. It saves you a lot of money in the long run on the price per pound. Get together with family and friends and go in on an animal together.

-Pick and choose your top priorities. Maybe you invest in raw milk and pasture raised eggs, however cannot always afford high quality meat, or you eat less meat, and make homemade bone broth or make pate to get the nutritional benefits of the most nutrient dense part of the animal. Many times when you eat nutrient dense foods, you will get full sooner and with less food. We tend to overeat when we are eating foods that do not have the nutrients our bodies need. So eating good quality fats will satiate us (leave us feeling full) and we can feel great eating less naturally.

Hopefully these tips and techniques were helpful.

All My Best,

Eve Mitchell, Sacramento Chapter Leader of the Weston A Price Foundation

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