Buying Clubs

Quarterly group butter buys every January, April, July, October.

The butter comes from Spring Hill Creamery in Petaluma, CA

It is certified organic, pastured (cows eating grass), low temperature pasteurized, handmade, cultured butter.
The butter comes in large 40 lb blocks of salted (French celtic sea salt) and unsalted.
The bulk price is $6.25/lb.
The 1 lb pre-wrapped price is $7.00/lb.
Prices may be subject to change.

Individuals/families typically buy butter in 10 lb or 20 lb weights by coordinating splitting of the 40 lb block.

This is delicious butter!

Sacramento Butter Buy Coordinator:
Gerhard Prottung

Contact the butter buy coordinator to get on the butter buy list and be notified of the next upcoming buy.

Cod Liver Oil
Green Pasture group cod-liver oil and butter oil buys at a bulk discount. Bulk orders through Green Pasture are placed multiple times throughout the year. Follow the Sacramento WAPF on Facebook to join in on an upcoming buy.

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