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Find Real Food in Surry County, NC

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  1. Our Chosen Heritage Farm:  Family farm in Pinnacle that offers grass-fed and finished beef, pastured heritage-breed chicken, turkey and pork, fresh eggs and raw, grass-fed Jersey cow milk (for pet consumption only).  The beef cows graze on pasture and are given hay in the colder months. They are never given grain. The chickens are pasture-raised.  Their diets are supplemented with an organic, non-GMO, non-soy whole grain mixture.  The farm is certified by the Sustainable Poultry Network.  I have visited this farm.  Phone: 336.325.3285  Address: 513 Burge Road, Pinnacle  Email:  Website:
  2. Shady Creek Farm: Family farm in Mt Airy that sells grass-fed and finished beef, pastured chicken and pork, fresh eggs and raw milk (for pet consumption only).   I have visited this farm.  Phone:  336.326.8097  Address: 161 Stoltzfus Ln., Mount Airy  Email:
  3. Boggy Creek Farms:  Self-sustainable family farm in Ararat that sells grass-fed and finished Belted Galloway beef.  They also sell all-natural goat’s milk soaps and lotions.  They raise and breed Kiko goats.  They farm using sustainable agricultural methods.  The farm is Animal Welfare Approved.  I have visited this farm.  Phone:  336-374-5177  Address: 195 Boggy Creek Lane, Ararat, NC  Email: Website:
  4. Polaris Farm: Family farm in Jonesville that sells grass fed and finished beef and lamb.  The farm is Animal Welfare Approved and the owners are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  I have visited this farm.  Phone: 336.337.3583  Address:  3348 Woodruff Ln, Jonesville  Email:  Website:
  5. Chestnut Ridge Farm: Family owned, sustainable farm that offers Pasture-raised pork and poultry, honey from untreated bees, Animal Welfare Approved free range eggs, cut flowers, homemade preserves and more.  Phone: 336.347.9193  Address:  Mt Airy  Email:  Website:
  6. Cornerstone Garlic Farm:  Sustainable family farm that specializes in garlic.  They also sell produce, pork and fresh eggs.  Phone: 336.349.5106  Address: 1249 Tate Rd, Reidsville  Email:  Website:
  7. Green Valley Farms:  Family farm in Ronda that sells sustainably grown (and some conventional) produce at the Surry County Farmer’s Markets.  Phone: 336-927-2033  Email: dale
  8. Massey Creek Farms: This family farm in the center of Rockingham County specializes in sustainably grown, grass-fed meats and eggs. They raise pigs, sheep, turkeys, chickens and ducks. They use rotational grazing methods and do not use antibiotics, animal by-products or added hormones.  Phone: 336-427-7030  Address: 210 Massey Creek Rd | Madison, NC 27025 E-mail:  Website:  http://
  9. Pendry Family Farm: Family farm in Boonville that raises grass-fed beef and pastured pork.  Phone: 336.699.3556  Address:  4053 Pendry Road, Boonville  Website:
  10. New Life Hydroponics:  An eco-friendly, 4th generation, family farm in Westfield.  They use greenhouse hydroponics for vegetable and fruit field crops. They use only recycled organic fertilizers and environmentally safe insecticides on their plants and produce.  Phone:  (336) 994-8451  Address:  2010 NC 66 Hwy. South, Westfield  Website:
  11. Mill River Farm:  Farm in Mt. Airy that raises 100% chemical-free, grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken and eggs, and 100% all natural farm produce.  Farm offers a CSA.  Phone:  336.351.0935  Address:  731 Cain Road, Mt Airy  Email:  Website:  http://
  12. Plum Granny Farm:  A USDA Certified Organic small family farm located in King.  They grow raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, garlic, ginger, specialty veggies, herbs and cut flowers.  Phone:  (336) 994-2517  Address:  1041 Flat Shoals Road, King  Website:
  13. Buffalo Creek Farm and Dairy :   Dairy goat farm in Germanton, in Stokes County. They sell raw milk aged farmstead goat’s milk cheeses from their Nubian herds. From their goats, they also sell goat’s milk soap and other farmstead goat milk cheeses.  In addition, they sell farmstead meats including grass-fed beef, lamb, sheep and pastured chickens and chicken eggs.  Phone:  336.969.5698  Address:  3255 Buffalo Creek Farm Road, Germanton  Website:
  14. Greenberries Farm: Piedmont Grown certified, owner-operated farm located near Quaker Gap in Stokes county. They use sustainable and holistic methods to produce naturally grown vegetables, fruits, and berries. They also sell farm fresh eggs year-round from whole grain (organic and non-gmo)-fed heritage breed hens.  Phone:  (336) 618-1086  Address: 2183 Covington Road, King  Website:

Farmers Markets

  1. Mt. Airy Farmers Market:  Tuesdays at 9am at Mill Creek General Store
  2. Elkin Farmers Market:  Saturdays at 9am at Market and Bridge Streets
  3. Dobson Farmers Market:  Thursdays at 9am on the Courthouse lawn


  1. Mill Creek General Store: Family-owned store in Mt. Airy that specialize in Amish meats and cheeses, whole food options, gluten-free flours and foods, non-GMO foods, locally grown and produced goods, whole grains, freshly baked breads, specialty baking and candy supplies.  Website:
  2. Ingles Market:  Traditional supermarket in Elkin with some organic produce.  Located at 2095 N. Bridge Street
  3. Trader Joes:  Located at 252 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem
  4. Whole Foods:  Located at 41 Miller Street in Winston-Salem


  1. End Posts at Jolo Winery & Vineyard:  Fine dining on locally-raised, sustainable food.  Reservations recommended.  Located at 219 JOLO Winery Lane in Pilot Mountain
  2. The Restaurant at Sanders Ridge: The food is New Southern and includes a variety of daily entree specials featuring in-season vegetables and herbs from the gardens of Sanders Ridge Organic Farm, as well as produce, meats and cheeses from other local farms.  Located at 3200 Round Hill Road in Boonville


  1. Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery:  USDA-certified organic winery and vineyard in Elkin. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6pm.  Phone: 336.366.3301  Address:  170 Heritage Vines Way, Elkin
  2. Jolo Winery & Vineyards:   Eco-friendly winery and vineyard in Pilot Mountain.  Phone:  855-JOLOWINE  Address: 219 JOLO Winery Lane, Pilot Mountain   
  3. The Captain’s Coffee – Coffee roaster in Kernersville that has organic and free-trade green or roasted whole bean and ground coffee.  They ship or you can pick up at their warehouse in Kernersville.
    Phone:  877.505.4083  Address:  1031 East Mountain St., Bldg 309, Unit 101, Kernersville  Email:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)

  1. Sanders Ridge Organic Farm Food Guild (CSA):  Certified USDA-organic farm in Boonville.  2014 will their 8th year.  Duration:  23 weeks  Cost:  $575  Deliver locations:  Winston-Salem, Elkin and Mt. Airy.  Membership also inludes one complimentary meal at a Farm to Fork Supper, free wine tastings for each member and 1 guest at the Sanders Ridge Winery and a 10% discount off wine, food, and gift items purchased at Sanders Ridge Winery and Restaurant.  Phone:  336.961.3376  Address:  1501 Nebo Road, Boonville  Website:
  2. Shore Farm Organics:  Certified USDA-organic farm in Yadkinville.  Duration:  10 or 20 weeks  Cost:  $275 and $550  Pickup in Winston-Salem.  Phone:  336.413.9229  Address:  6213M Hwy 601, Yadkinville  Website:  http//
  3. Mill River Farm CSA:  Mt. Airy sustainable farm that offers full and half shares as well as a meat option.  Pickup locations in Mt. Airy and Winston-Salem.  Duration:  20 weeks  Cost:  $400 (full), $240 (half), $240 (meat option).  Phone:  336.351.0935  Address:  731 Cain Road, Mt. Airy  Website:

Personal Care

  1. Pinnacle Hills Soaps:  Hand-crafted goat-milk soaps made from goats raised sustainably in Pinnacle.  The goat farm is animal-welfare approved.  Phone:  336.817.4911  Email:
  2. Boggy Creek Farms:  Self-sustainable family farm in Ararat that sells all-natural goat’s milk soaps and lotions.  Phone:  336-374-5177  Address: 195 Boggy Creek Lane, Ararat, NC  Email: Website:
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