Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)

Produce CSAs

Fresh Roots Urban Farming Society
In 2013 Fresh Roots forged a working agreement with the Vancouver School Board. Together we established first-of-their-kind Schoolyard Market Gardens: thriving neighbourhood places where intercultural and multigenerational knowledge sharing abounds! These are commercially productive educational farms on school grounds. The food grown goes into school cafeterias, local neighbourhood house food security initiatives, and a weekly Salad Box program for East Vancouver families.
ALL YOUR SALAD NEEDS: Participants receive a weekly supply of salad fixings. For $19/week you receive a week’s worth of leafy greens, root vegetables, and herbs. Our Schoolyard Grown veggies are also perfect for cooked meals and smoothies.
CONVENIENT PICKUP LOCATIONS Home on the Range Organics,  Italian Cultural Centre , Norquay Park, Main St Market, David Thompson Secondary
Pickup your vegetables from one of our neighbourhood pickup sites or sign up with 12 of your colleagues and we’ll deliver to your office.

Inner City Farms Inner City Farms began as a small project garden of approximately 400 square feet shared between friends. Realizing that growing space came at a premium in Vancouver, a communal effort was organized with the sole and simple goal of being closer to one’s own food. Gardeners of varying degrees of experience, came together to share knowledge, food, space and company. Today Inner City Farms has approximately 20 farms across Vancouver, which in aggregate comprise just short of an acre of farm space within city limits. We partner with land providers (home owners and local businesses) to convert front and back yards, as well as urban spaces into productive vegetable gardens. Natural farming methods are rigorously observed; no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are ever used, and in all our actions, we try to seek sustainability in earnest. Vegetables are hand picked, and made available to the community (which include local restaurants, families and community members, and local food security initiatives) primarily via a harvest share commonly referred to as a csa (community supported agriculture) share. Shareholders gather weekly at our marketplace to meet and greet with their farmers and fellow shareholders, learn about their food and how it was grown, share their own experiences and recipes, and pick up their share of fresh vegetables that were harvested just that morning.
We provide a weekly ‘basket’ of 4-6 different vegetables from our Vancouver based network of gardens. Vegetables are harvested on Sunday mornings, and made available to our shareholders for pick up that very Sunday afternoon. As the season changes, the varieties of vegetables change too in each basket. It’s approximately 18 weeks of hyper-seasonal, exceptionally fresh, chemical-free produce grown with care by us (your friendly neighbourhood farmers). The pick up location is at Le Marché St. George at the corner of East 28th Avenue and St. George (4393 St. George Street).

Earth Apple Organic Farm Earth Apple Organic Farm was established in 2011 and is based at Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op in Abbotsford, BC as of January 2016. Our roots quite literally are earth apples or les pommes de terre, but we’ve since expanded, growing over 50 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and raising hens and ducks for eggs. We cultivate over 6 acres of land and pasture-raise our hens and ducks. Each box contains what amounts to be $36 worth of produce per week on average over the season, which amounts to approximately 7-10 items/week (mostly vegetables and occasionally some fruit). The weeks vary in the types of produce, amounts and value depending on what is in season, but overall (pending no large pest issues or weather problems) you save more than you would if you just shopped at the farmers market for the same items.
Pick-up Locations, Vancouver  Pasture to Plate Butcher Shop, 1420 Commercial Drive Vancouver | Saturdays 4:00pm to 7:00pm or Sundays 10:30am to 6:00pm  Saturday Farmers Markets Vancouver | Trout Lake, Saturdays 9:00am to 2:00pm [June to October] and Nat Bailey Stadium, Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm [November to December]

City Beet Farm We are an urban farm in Vancouver, started by two best friend farmers named Ruth and Katie. We grow organic vegetables on front and back yards and use our bicycles to transport ourselves and our veggies. We sell our vegetables as part of a Community Shared Agriculture food box from May to October. We grow over 55 kinds of vegetables and herbs. Each season will have different veggies and varieties.
YOU PICK THEM UP! Our CSA Pick up is at the Mighty Oak from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm every Thursday. You can expect to spend 5-10 mins choosing your vegetables and packing them up, including saying hi to your new farmer friends. Please make sure you are available for this time every week!
OR… WE DELIVER! It’s true. If you can’t make pick-up for a week or so, our boxes can be delivered around our ‘hood for $10/week.

Sole Food Street Farms
Farming in the city presents us with unique challenges and opportunities. Our urban challenges required that we develop systems that isolate the growing medium and are moveable in order to satisfy short-term leases. We have also had to develop creative leases that provide land owners with tax incentives and the guarantee that we can and will move on short notice.
Get fresh artisan produce March – December at our Farmer’s Market stand.
A market share acts as a debit system, where you choose the produce at the market stand, and your total is deducted from your share each week. By making a commitment to Sole Food Farms you will receive a 15% discount on the value of your produce. Inquire at our market stand for starting your share. 

Shady Acre Farm
Shady Acre Farm is a small-scale farm in Richmond BC. Started by two women who came together through the UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture, the farm focuses on small-scale, mixed vegetables grown in a way that is sustainable for the earth, the farmers and the community.
Each week, for 18 weeks from mid-June to mid-October, you will receive a harvest box with a value of $25-30 for a large share, and about $16/week value for small share(values with fluctuate with the season, and may be slightly lower some weeks, and much higher other weeks!). There will also be benefits including opportunities to buy bulk or additional items at a reduced price. Greens!: Because of our climate and growing conditions, you should be prepared to receive a lot of greens, including kale, swiss chard and mustard greens. Don’t like greens? This box program probably isn’t for you, but come visit us at market!
2017 Pick Ups will be on Wednesday afternoons, at the following locations:
South Vancouver – Dogwood Organic Brewery, located at 8284 Sherbrooke St, just west of the Knight Street Bridge (available 3:30-8:30pm) Strathcona – Callister Brewing Company, located at 1338 Franklin St, near Clarke & Powell. (available 4:00-8:30pm) Canada Place underground parking – Pick up strictly between 4:30-5:00pm
Collingwood – Near 43rd & Boundary, Joyce Skytrain (available after approx 5:45pm)

Tsawassen Farm School The TFN Farm School grows a wide array of organic fruits and vegetables on 4 acres of sunny Tsawwassen land. You can sign up to receive a box of scrumptious fresh vegetables from our farm every week! You can expect an average of 12 different vegetables every week including green leafy vegetables, roots, beans and peas, herbs, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes of all colors, hot and sweet peppers, okra, eggplants, squashes…there isn’t much that we don’t grow! Pick up: Main St. Farmers Market – Wednesday – 2PM-6PM; West End Farmers Market – Saturday – 9AM-2PM; Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market – Sunday – 10AM-2PM. Our CSA subscription runs from June 7 to October 21. $25/week box, 20 weeks of produce, $500 per share, $60 add-on for 10 weeks of organic eggs bi-weekly (limited availability)

UBC Farm The UBC Farm is a 24-ha integrated production farm situated within a 90-year old coastal hemlock forest that comprises a mosaic of cultivated annual crop fields, perennial hedgerows and orchards, pasture, teaching gardens, and forest stands. The UBC Farm grows over 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The farm also features honey bee hives and egg laying, open pasture hens. Shares can be picked up at the UBC Farm on Tuesdays 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm or Saturdays 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Frisch Farms (Kitsilano) Getting a veggie box from Frisch Farms benefits include:  Hyper local vegetables (grown, processed and harvested within a 3 km radius)  Zero carbon footprint from seed to plate (manual labour and e-scooter)  Fresh vegetables at your doorstep  Know exactly how the food is grown through our blog  Connecting with the people growing your food that you consume  Supporting the local economy and community  Healthy dietary lifestyle and positive energy from all the highly nutritional vegetables Details: – You will receive fresh vegetables delivered to your door any 4 weeks of your choice. – A share usually contains 5-8 mixed vegetables & herbs each week and is suitable for couples andfamilies. We are generous with portions! – If you really love vegetables, you may order more shares.

Farmers on 57th In 2009, the Farmers on 57th group, a project of Disability Alliance BC, began an agricultural project to transform one acre of the lush green space at George Pearson into community integrated gardens. The name “Farmers on 57th” comes from the location of George Pearson- just west of Cambie and 57th Avenue in Vancouver. From the first June until mid-October you will be provided a WEEKLY box of freshly harvested, seasonal produce consisting of a wide variety of vegetables, crisp salad greens & fresh herbs
Pick-up of weekly shares are Tuesdays, 3-6pm at the Farm on 57th & Cambie, Vancouver. 650 West 57th Avenue to be exact, on the eastern lawns of George Pearson Centre. After hours pick-up is also possible.
For folks not able to make it to the farm we have a second pick-up location on Tuesdays, 4-7pm in Fairview Slopes, 8th & Heather.

Crisp Organics In 2010 our family purchased 11 acres in Abbotsford, BC and from there began Crisp Organics. We have been working hard to transform the land into a vibrant farm with an intense focus on sustainability. We grow organically and our home farm is certified by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, while our extended land is organic transitional. We strive to serve the local food community through an extensive presence at Farmers Markets as well as CSA Harvest Boxes, and by simply growing the best tasting vegetable varieties, ensuring customers receive only the freshest produce.
Cool Harvest Box: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from November 2nd to April 30th, our team at Crisp Organics will pick fresh produce and drop your boxes off at whichever host location you choose.
Wednesday: Vancouver: Mt. Pleasant – St. George & E 28th, Trout Lake – E 12th & Garden Dr, Hastings Sunrise – Hastings & Boundary, Kitsilano – W 12th & Arbutus, South Van – Urban Digs Beasty Shop, EA Vancouver – EA employees only. Saturday: Vancouver: Nat Bailey Farmers Market Sunday: Vancouver: Hastings Farmers Market (@PNE)
Summer Harvest Box: In return for your commitment, we deliver a plentiful box of our freshest seasonal produce to a drop-spot in your area each week for the 26 weeks between May 3rd and October 25th.
Thursday: Vancouver: Mt. Pleasant, Hastings & Boundary, Kitsilano, Lululemon Corporate (open to employees only), Trout Lake, Urban Digs Beasty Shop. Saturday: Vancouver: West End Market, Riley Park Market
Sunday: Vancouver: Kitsilano Market, Mt. Pleasant Market

Crop Thorne Farm
We are a family farm located on Westham Island, close to the town of Ladner, BC. We sell our bounty at local Farmers Markets, to local restaurants, through our Farm Stand and through our CSA. We cultivate fifteen acres of mixed vegetables and flowers and have a pasture based poultry operation. All of our produce and eggs are Certified Organic with FVOPA.
Our Summer CSA is 20 weeks, it starts in mid June and ends in late October. There are 3 share sizes
Summer pickup locations include the farm in Ladner and home in Tsawwassen, as well as in Vancouver the Main St Farmers Market, West End Farmers Market and Kitsilano Farmers Market.
Pickup days depend on location but include Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Our Early Winter CSA is 8 weeks, it starts in early November and ends mid December.
There is 1 share size. Early Winter pickups are at the farm or at the Nat Bailey Farmers Market 1. Pickup days are Saturdays
A limited number of Egg shares are available each season to add on to your vegetable share. Your choice of weekly or biweekly share of a dozen eggs from our Certified Organic pastured hens.

Glorious Organics
Glorious Organics is a cooperatively owned and operated farming collective situated on Fraser Common Farm in Aldergrove, BC.
The Glorious Garnish and Seasonal Salad Company was formed in 1986. When it dissolved twenty years later, in 2006, five members founded the Glorious Organics Co-operative. We employ seasonal workers – some on a part time basis – and number 10-12 workers in the peak growing season.
We grow more than 30 varieties of certified organic salad greens, as well as peas, beans, leeks, potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, fennel, herbs, flowers, some fruit, and more!
Boxes are delivered to predetermined drop-off locations before 5.00 pm every Monday during the CSA season. Drop-off locations are determined by the location of our CSA members.  Our 2016 locations were: Main and 24th, Commercial on 5th, Kitsilano at 2nd and Maple

Klippers Organics You care about good food that’s organic, local and fresh. At Klippers Organics, we believe that sustainable, healthy, and delicious food is essential. We are a Certified Organic farm located right in the heart of the Okanagan in British Columbia’s beautiful Similkameen Valley. We offer a large variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in season and out of season often preserved or dried. All are grown organically with sustainable farming methods. One of our passions is tomatoes! Every year, we try new varieties of tomatoes in search of the best ones – the ones that wow people with their incredible flavour and appearance. We grow 300 to 500 varieties a year and have grown over 850 varieties since we started farming. Some people say that we have an addiction they benefit from! We also grow many heritage varieties of apples and peaches and offer multiple varieties of spinach, kales, carrots, peppers and squash. As each season progresses, the selection changes ensuring something new at the market every week! Pick up choices this year: Saturdays at the Trout Lake Farmers Market OR the West End Farmers Market – starting June 3rd weekly until October 21st, 2017. Sundays at the Kitsilano Farmers Market – starting June 4th weekly until October 22nd, 2017. Wednesdays at 20th & Ontario in the Nat Bailey stadium area – starting June 28th weekly until October 25th, 2017. Small Share (21 weekend boxes) – $525
Large Share (21 weekend boxes) – $840 Small Share (18 mid-week boxes) – $450 Large Share (18 mid-week boxes) – $720

Shalefield Organics We are a family farm located in the Columbia Valley, which is past Cultus Lake. We have 9 acres in produce, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and many different varieties of vegetables. We are certified organic, Biodynamic Demeter. Biodynamic is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, which interacts with the environment, to build healthy, living soil and to produce food that nourishes and vitalizes and help develop mankind. We understand that joining a CSA isn’t for all, but everyone loves to have a “taste of the farm” experience. Enter the Market Share! This is a quick and simple way to shop at our farmers market booth. Also, it is a great way to support your farmers by paying up front for your vegetables, helping us buy the seeds, equipment, and other things we need to grow the highest nitricious & most delicious produce for you. Essentially, you are purchasing a market credit early in the year. Then, you can simply visit our stand at the Vancouver Farmers Market. A market share allows members to choose freely from available market offerings, instead of a prefilled harvest box. Members are given Shalefield Market Credit Card, which offers many advantages over a traditional CSA model, such as the convenience of purchasing the quantity and variety of produce that you prefer and the flexibility to obtain produce when you need it. For example, if you are enjoying a vacation during the growing season, your balance on your card will still be available for when you return and stock up the weeks later for fall preserving. In addition you do not have to bring cash.. just bring your market credit card and your purchases will be deducted.

Grain CSA

Cedar Isle Farm
Established in 2009 as Urban Grains CSA, Cedar Isle Farm Organic Grains CSA provides the Lower Mainland with locally produced grain and flour. The grain crops are all grown and cared for at our family farm in Agassiz, B.C. and all our products are certified organic.
~ Full Share ~
You will receive:
Four – 5 kg packages (20 kg)
of your choice of:
• Hard Red Spring Wheat
• Soft White Spring Wheat
• Traditional Rye
Your choice of kernels or milled flour
~ Half Share ~
You will receive:
Two – 5 kg packages (10 kg)
of your choice of:
• Hard Red Spring Wheat
• Soft White Spring Wheat
• Traditional Rye
Your choice of kernels or milled flour
Members will receive their share of the harvest in Vancouver (or Chilliwack) at a central distribution site and date — usually mid-October — that will be announced well in advance.

CSF (Community Supported Fishery)

Skipper Otto’s Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) creates a direct connection between local fishermen and consumers with the joint goal of protecting ocean resources and improving our local food system.

The CSF model ensures that independent, small-scale harvesters can continue to fish using the low impact practices their parents and grandparents used before them and still remain in an industry that is rapidly becoming dominated by big business and aquaculture. CSF members buy in before the season and receive a share of premium, wild, local, and sustainably caught seafood. Members have boat-to-fork transparency, knowing how, when, where and who caught their fish. Our CSF is a flexible, buy-down style program. This means that members purchase a credit before the fishing season starts. They can choose to purchase any sized share in $100 increments. Members receive regular email newsletters letting them know what is available and when they can pick up. They then login to our on-line store, select the items they would like, and select their pick-up date and location. The dollar amount for each item is deducted from the member’s balance until the balance is used up.

Blue Comet Seafoods  A community supported fishery (CSF) is a partnership between our customers and our fishing family. It provides financial security for our start up costs each fishing season and provides community supported fishery members with quality seafood products all year round.

How Our Community Supported Fishery Program Works:
Purchase our CSF Member’s Card for $300 and receive: $300 towards our products, including 10% off fresh seafood in season and 10% off weekly selected frozen, smoked or canned products year round.

Product can be picked up at the Vancouver Farmer’s Markets.

Meat Shares We choose to work with farmers who raise their animals ethically and holistically. Free range and on natural pasture. No antibiotics, hormones and chemical feed additives. Farms who have animal health and welfare as their top priority. Our zero-waste policy assures you that we’re treating the meat from these animals with respect.
1. Buy your share. You buy a share in a whole animal and once funded, we purchase the animal from the farmer. This gives you a great deal, supports the farmer and assures zero meat waste.|
2. Aged and butchered
Our beef is aged for minimal two weeks to achieve premium taste and texture. Our in-house butcher creates delicious cuts and assembles them into “nose to tail” meat boxes.
3. Home & office delivery
Your cuts are individually butcher paper wrapped and professionally frozen. Metro Vancouver delivered in an insulated box. Free delivery in Vancouver on orders above $185.

Barons of Beef 100% pasture raised protein. We work exclusively with farms that raise animals in a way that is natural to them, with a diversity of foods that they have evolved to eat and with the space they need to express their natural tendencies. When these considerations are made, the nutritional quality of their meat is drastically improved.
SELECT YOUR BASE PACK. Our membership gets you started with an awesome choice of 4 different meat packs. Each one has an assortment of products designed to help us use the entire animal and give you the diversity you need to always have an interesting meal.
Next, customize your pack with “add-on” products to make it your own. You can add great items like bacon, steaks, salmon and lots more.
Delivering ever second Tuesday. We’ve teamed up with the amazing trike delivery COOP Shift. Using human power, this amazing company is shipping healthy meats to health conscious, informed shoppers all over Vancouver.


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