Local Grocery & Specialty Stores

Chain Stores that Carry Real Food

Whole Foods Carries a wide selection of organic products, and many real dairy products including raw cheese and non-homogenized milk and yogurt.

Downtown: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/robson 1675 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6G 1C8 Phone: 604.687.5288
Cambie: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/cambie 510 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 1C5 Phone: 778.370.4210
Kitsilano: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/kits 2285 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6K 1N9 Phone: 604.739.6676

Choices https://www.choicesmarkets.com/ Carries a wide selection of organic products, and many real dairy products including raw cheese and non-homogenized milk and yogurt.

Choices Markets Cambie 3493 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W7 (604) 875 0099 cambie@choicesmarkets.com Choices Markets Commercial Drive 1045 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 3X1 (604) 678 9665 thedrive@choicesmarkets.com
Choices Markets Kerrisdale 1888 West 57th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6P 1T7 (604) 263 4600 kerrisdale@choicesmarkets.com
Choices Markets Kitsilano 2627 West 16th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6K 3C2 (604) 736 0009 kitsilano@choicesmarkets.com
Choices Markets Yaletown 1202 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3G2 (604) 633 2392 yaletown@choicesmarkets.com

Urban Fare http://www.urbanfare.com/
Carries a wide selection of natural health foods including raw cheese.
Urban Fare Yaletown 177 Davie Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y1 phone: 604-975-7550
Urban Fare Coal Harbour 305 Bute Street Vancouver, BC V6C 3T6 phone: 604-669-5831
Urban Fare Shangri-la 1133 Alberni Street Vancouver, BC V6E 4T9 phone: 604-648-2053
Urban Fare False Creek 1688 Salt St. Vancouver, BC V5Y0E4 phone: 604-872-2730

Independent Retail Stores that Sell Real Food

Granville Island Public Market http://granvilleisland.com/ Grass-fed meats and other hard to find meats can be found at butcher’s shops in the public market, as well as a variety of fresh caught seafood sold by local seafood vendors.

False Creek Fisherman’s Wharf Public Sales Dock (at Granville Island) http://www.falsecreek.com/fish-for-sale/
1505 West 1st Ave., at the foot of Fir Street Vancouver, B.C.
A source for fisherman direct seafood most Fridays and Saturdays.

Sweet Cherubim Organic & Natural Foods Store, Bakery & Restaurant http://www.sweetcherubim.com/
1105 Commercial Drive Vancouver, B.C. (604) 253-0969 Offers certified organic produce and groceries (but no meat). More than half of what is sold is manufactured or grown in B.C.

East End Food Co-op http://east-end-food.coop/ 1034 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 3W9 (604) 254-5044
We specialize in meeting our community’s demand for products that promote a socially just and ecologically sound food system, which includes local, fair trade, and organic products. We are proud that all EEFC staff members are fully unionized. As a member-driven store, we are part of a growing movement for communities to define their own food systems. All shoppers are welcome.

Famous Foods http://www.famousfoods.ca/ 1595 Kingsway Phone 604-872-3019
Offers bulk organic and conventional whole foods, spices, herbs, produce, dairy, and meat and grocery items.

Stong’s Market http://stongs.com/ 4221 Dunbar St. Vancouver, B.C. V6S 2G6 604-266-1401
E-mail for Stong’s Express: express@stongs.com
An independent grocery store since 1931, stocks many natural and organic products, including ‘exotic’ meats like pheasant, quail and ostrich. Online shopping for home delivery or pick-up is available.

Greens Market http://greensmarket.ca/greens/index.html
1978 West Broadway @ Maple T: 604.568.3079 Offering a wide variety of organic meat, produce, and dairy products.

Organic Acres Market http://www.organicacresmain.com/ 3603 Main Street phone: 604-569-1132 email: organicacresmain@gmail.com A selection of organic, natural fair trade and local goods.

Pasture to Plate http://www.pasturetoplate.ca/ 1420 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 3X9 Phone: 604-215-0050 Offering organic grass-finished beef, lamb and mutton, pastured organic pork, chicken and turkey.

Home on the Range Organics http://www.store.homeontherangefarms.com/ 235 East Broadway, Vancouver. 604.876.8755 Grass-fed organic eggs, non-homogenized dairy, a bone broth bar, and a variety of grass-fed meats. They also deliver.

Market Meats http://www.marketmeats.com/ Address: 2326 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P1
Phone: (604) 737-0905 Offers a wide variety of organic meats, grass-fed beef as well as grass-fed butter.

Windsor Quality Meats http://windsorqualitymeats.com/ 4110 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3P7 604 872 5635 Main Street Offering grass-fed beef and a wide variety of organic meats and free-range eggs.

Windsor Meats http://www.windsormeats.com/ Mackenzie Heights 4889 Mackenzie St Vancouver, BC, V6L 2R7 604 638-2470 mackenzie@windsormeats.com East Village Vancouver 2276 East Hastings St Vancouver, BC V5L 1V4 604 255-2032 hastings@windsormeats.com Sell grass-fed beef, organic meat and other specialty products.

Surrey Natural Foods http://surreynaturalfoods.com/ 13585 King George Bld, Surrey, BC V3T 2V1 604-588-3828 info@surreynaturalfoods.com Carries many WAPF friendly products.

Healthy Bread/Bakeries

The Artisan Bake Shoppe http://artisanbakeshoppe.ca/ 108 2ND ST E NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, V7L 1C3
(604) 990-3530 Since 1999, North Vancouver’s Artisan Bake Shoppe has been baking “honest bread” – authentic handmade bread, leavened with natural starters and little or no yeast, made using certified organic, locally-sourced grains and flours. Available at Choices, Whole Foods, and other healthy retailers.

European Breads Bakery http://europeanbreads.com/ 4320 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5V 4G3 Canada Phone: 604 879 5100 Available at Choices, Whole Foods, and other healthy retailers.

Organic Real Food Delivery

Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) http://www.spud.ca/ 569 Powell Street Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1G8
(604) 215-7783 E-mail: info@spud.ca
Delivers over 925 natural and organic foods and products (B.C./Canadian whenever possible) to customers in the Greater Vancouver area.

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