Pastured & Grass-Fed Meat, Poultry & Eggs

Grass-Fed Beef 

Empire Valley Premium Beef Empire Valley, BC (250) 459 – 0024 Empire Valley Premium Beef – head, heart, health & happiness. We provide peace of mind; honest, humane principles; healthy choices for your family. We do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics, we are chemical free, and our animals are free of water & air pollutatants. We are organic but not certified. Our grass finished beef & lamb eat only grass from birth to finish. Hormone free, Antibiotic free, Open range beef. The animals are grass fed. Grain finish – some cattle are supplemented with 5 pounds/day barley for maximum of 90 days. 100% Grass finish – some cattle eat grass from birth to finish. Available at local farmer’s markets.

Greendale Meats Chilliwack, BC  604-823-6771 Greendale Meats is a family farm located in Greendale,BC that has been raising free range, grass-fed, hormone free beef since 1989. Available at local farmer’s markets.

Sumas Mountain Farms Sumas Mountain Farms is the only 100% certified organic and BC SPCA-certified “grass-fed & finished” beef producer in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, in the heart of the Fraser Valley — about an hour east of Vancouver. Our caring approach to the health of the land and the animals has led to the creation of beef products that are truly healthy… and exceptionally flavorful. Our entire farm is certified organic, so you can rest assured that our products begin and end with the highest standards. Delivered-to-your-door.

Pasture-Raised Pork

Blue Sky Ranch Our pork is from a variety of heritage breeds raised in woodlands and on pasture at our Nicola Valley ranch where they can express their unique physiological needs…. for pigs that pretty much means rooting in the ground, wallowing in the mud when they get hot, having a good scratch up against a tree, napping in the shade on a hot day or burrowed deep in a bed of straw on a cold day, playing pig games and generally roaming free. They are raised on a diet of whole, non-gmo, local grains soaked in whey supplemented by high quality food waste including certified organic fruits & vegetables, yoghurt, and spent brewery grains. Our sows are never confined in gestation crates. Not ever. We use every part of the pig so you’ll find some neat value-added products here too.

Gelderman Farms At Gelderman Farms we work hard to bring you quality pork products. We believe to make the best pork we can it has to start with the pigs. Our pigs are raised in spacious pens with natural light and ventilation. We use a vegetable diet which we make on the farm so we know what our pigs are eating. This allows us to purchase quality grains to feed our pigs. The stringent standard we follow in raising our pigs results in high quality pork for you.

Shaw Family Farms Shaw Family Farms Originated in the Willoughby, Langley Area in 1967. The Farm Produced Free Range Cattle and Specialized in a Small Haying Operation.  in 1998, Father and Son Ronald Shaw and Jamie Shaw Bought the Property in Aldergrove That Shaw Family Farms Sits on Today. Shaw Family Farms Today Specializes in Farming Practices of the Old Days, Animals Are Raised as Natural as Can Be With No Gmo’s, No Growth Hormones and Free Range.

Pastured Eggs and Poultry Sold at Vancouver Farmer’s Markets

lamington heritage farm langley, BC 604-530-0559 We are a small family farm. Our animals are raised without the use of hormones and medications. Poultry are fully pastured, run free in the fields, and only go in the barns at night for protection. They have certified organic grain available to eat as well as the foraging they do on the fields. The certified organic grain ensures that there is no GMO product. Birds living on our farm include heritage chickens,ducks, geese, guninea fowl, heritage turkey plus occassionally broiler chickens. At present we only sell broiler chicken and duck at the market whole or by the piece. Our lamb and sheep are also pastured or receive hay. They receive minimal amount of certified organic grain in their lifetime. The lamb is therefore slow growing and lean. All lambs are born on our farm. No medications are used unless absolutely necessary for the welfare of the animal. We will bottle feed a lamb when necessary, no milk supply from mother, triplets or death of mother. Aside from broiler chicks, all of our animals are hatched or born on our farm. The final product has been described as some of the best meat customers have ever eaten. It comes in vacuum sealed bags to ensure freshness.
We sell Duck and Chicken eggs when available. Our chicken eggs are from our heritage birds running around outdoors scratching where they like. They also have access to certified organic grain.

Rockweld Farm Ltd. Abbotsford, BC 6045564196 We raise SPCA certified,certified organic fed,raised without the use of antibiotics chicken. We have whole birds, 4-7 lbs as well as pieces. We also have assorted chicken sausages which are wheat free.

Free-Range Eggs in Vancouver Retail Stores

Rabbit River Farms 17740 River Road, Richmond, BC V6V 1L9 Phone: 604-857-0704
Offers organic eggs, free run eggs and free range eggs. Free run: Chickens are cage free inside the barn but do not range outside on pasture. Free range: Hens are completely cage free both inside and outside the barn. With all their eggs the hens are unmedicated and are antibiotic free. Organic: Chickens range free on organic pasture and are fed certified organic feed. All hens are fed a vegetarian diet, including soy.
Widely available at many retailers including Choices and Whole Foods.

Maple Hill Farms 4808 Mt. Lehman Rd. Abbotsford, BC V4X 1Y3 Phone: 604-856-7429 Email:
Sells specialty chickens as well as eggs. Maple Hill Farms free-range and certified organic free-range eggs are produced by hens which are fed a ration which is grain/vegetable based, non-medicated and contains no antibiotics or animal by-products. They are allowed to roam freely outside during daylight hours much of their adult life and are completely cage-free.
Widely available at many retailers.

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