Be well fed —

it can make a world of difference

Coming in 2019 — from the recently formed West Buncombe local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Our purpose is to build the Weston Price community in Western North Carolina, with local and sustainable farms, nutrient dense foods, supportive healing arts, and other resources for a nourished life.




Children love the goats at Fields of Gold Farm in Henderson County.  The farm produces a wide variety of dairy products, including milk, kefir, gelato and soaps.


Please join us in a new year’s resolution: make a point of spending at least half your food budget to purchase directly from farmers and artisans. The forces of consolidation and monopoly in the food industry are tightening the noose, especially for dairy farmers.  There is really only one way to fight back, and that is to buy direct and support your local farmer … With the other 50 percent, you can celebrate how small the world has become, enjoying healthy foods from the world over. (A New Year’s request from our national office)


Dr. Weston Price was an Ohio dentist and leading oral health researcher. In the 1930s, he traveled around the world to study still-isolated tribes who were reported to have exceptional teeth.

He was astounded by what he found. These “primitive” peoples were enjoying health vastly superior to that of the “civilized” folks back home. It wasn’t just teeth, which were beautiful, strong and straight, even to the grave, though never touched by a dentist.  It was also whole health, skeletal structure, mental well-being. from birth and throughout life. Dr. Price’s 1939 classic, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, followed.

Real food was the lost link.  There was no ONE diet.  But it turned out that traditional foods, while varying hugely in different bio-regions, were far more nutritious than the increasingly processed, denatured products taking over the modern table.

Well.  Since then, most “food” has not improved. And our health is plagued with unprecedented inflammatory diseases, which, including tooth decay, are clearly linked with a heavily processed, low-nutrient diet.

Thankfully, Dr. Price’s life-changing work continues. The Weston A Price Foundation provides education, research and activism in the Wise Traditions of foods that are nourishing, satisfying, and delicious.

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