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Kathy Lynch was trained as a health coach and continues to study issues of health extensively. Kathy’s passion for nutrition and wellness led her to work as a nutrition consultant coaching, teaching, writing and speaking to inform the public about the tie between nutrition and health. Kathy is a featured author in Health: Mind, Body, Soul and Loving Mama: Essays on Natural Parenting and Motherhood. Kathy led a Weston A. Price Foundation chapter for several years in Southern California before moving to Massachusetts and launching the Westford chapter. An avid gardener, Kathy is a member of the Westford Garden Club.

“I look forward to meeting others in and around Westford who care about the foods they eat that have a direct impact on their health. I wish to support those who have an interest in sourcing, providing, and offering healthy foods, especially gardeners and farmers with healthful, sustainable practices. Linda and I welcome you to this community of nutrition enthusiasts.”


LLIndainda C. Cox, a professional health coach, enjoys partnering with families to improve their wellness goals.  Raising a child with special needs has given Linda insight and compassion to guide families to resources and develop care plans for whole body wellness. Linda is a GAPS (Gut and Psychology) practitioner and has been working to improve the lives of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She has worked at Groton Wellness in Groton, MA as well as Higher Synthesis Health in Cambridge, MA.  Linda is currently pursuing a new position in the area to continue to serve families needing guidance.

“I’m proud to be a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader with Kathy Lynch in Westford, Massachusetts where I have raised my children for the past 30 years. We look forward to making a connection with you as our WAPF Chapter grows! Wishing you ‘Mindful Nourishment!’”

Kathy and Linda shared info and Sauerkraut Demonstrations at the Westford Farmers Market.

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