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California just banned pesticide use near public schools to protect children from brain damaging agricultural chemicals

(Natural News) Many parents are breathing a sigh of relief as California has now taken a definitive step in protecting their children from pesticides. Farmers will no longer be allowed to use certain pesticides in areas near schools and daycares thanks to new rules that were announced this week. Read more here.

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Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

“Cellphones are the tip of the radiation iceberg. Powerful Wi-Fi routers in offices, cell towers atop buildings beaming into apartments, and towers in many other places including church steeples, are a threat to the health of those in their paths and especially children and seniors….

Public Discussion on Tap in Mass.

An extensive public discussion of charges that Wi-Fi, cellphones, etc., are dangerous will take place starting Nov. 28 in the Massachusetts Legislature….

The Dept. of Public Health has written public health fact sheets on the man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation emitted by high voltage power lines, cell towers, cell phones and other wireless technology.

They are under final review with DPH Commissioner Monica Bharel’s office at present. Robert Knorr, Ph.D., is Director, Bureau of Environmental Health.

Understanding EMFs

Wireless Education

Further documentation is in this YouTube segment hosted by Cecelia Doucette and Keith Marciniak.”

[Excerpts from PR Pros, Heavy Cellphone Users, Need Awareness of Dangers, Nov. 6, 2017 by ]

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To help you be informed about vaccinations including safety considerations, please see the following resources.

Vaccine Ingredients

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Reporting Adverse Reactions
NVIC’s Vaccine Reaction Registry
Federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

MA Exemptions

WAPF Article & Additional Resources
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