As a lifetime learner of nutritional healing I found it natural to get into some local leadership. I highly respect the Weston A. Price Foundation’s work. Having been personally helped by so many other W.A.P. ‘ers it was an easy decision to back their tried and true work on a local level, to share the wealth with my own community!

With this opportunity to dispel the many food fallacies and broaden public and private education in the vast nutritional topics that exist I anticipate many years of learning together. May you feel free to give into this community all that you have learned on your own journey.

I’ve been a proponent of whole-foods for many years and seen many loved ones heal and maintain their personal needs through dense nutrition principals. I have had experience with helping people overcome sugar sensitivities; improving over-all health and mood as well as heal existing disease, also improving the health of mothers and babies in the pre-conception, prenatal, and breastfeeding stages. My experience includes developing and maintaining strategies through food sensitivities, disease, and healing. I’d like to be on your team for vitality!

I have hopes to have many local fellow members of this now fledgling group for Williams County Ohio.

Being a home-educating mother of  6 children under 12yo.  I covet group participation in enthusiastic encouragement during planning and participation in events and monthly meetings.

Williams County Ohio Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader,

Jacinda Montalto of Montpelier Ohio

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